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Tsuzuki-ku, Yokohama-shi district centers recruit designated managers of use of inhabitant of a ward facility

Last update date November 8, 2018

May 14, 2015
Tsuzuki Ward   Regional Promotion Division head Mikio Shimomura
Telephone 045-948-2230

About recruitment of designated managers such as district centers

On choosing third-designated manager of Tsuzuki-ku, Yokohama-shi district center, sports hall, welfare center for the old, sports center, child log house,
We invite public participation for company widely and raise suggestion with inventive idea about management administration.

Facility which is targeted for 1 open call for participants
(1) Nakagawanishi, Yokohama-shi district center
(2) Nakamachidai, Yokohama-shi district center
(3) Kitayamata, Yokohama-shi district center
(4) Higashiyamata, Yokohama-shi sports hall
(5) Yokohama-shi Okuma sports hall
(6) Tsuzuki center (it lasts Tsuzuki, Yokohama-shi district center and welfare center for the old Yokohama-shi green Kotobuki-so)
(7) Tsuzuki, Yokohama-shi sports center
(8) Kamoike, Yokohama-shi Park child log house

Method of 2 open calls for participants and choice
Open call for participants of designated manager and the choice carry out suggestion examination by open call for participants type proposal system and decide designated candidate and second candidate.

For more information about other open calls for participants, please see the following URL.

District center, sports hall, welfare center for the old are this
Sports center is this
Child log house is this

Press release materials

Press release material (PDF: 243KB)

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