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The latest issue (August, 2020 (Raiwa 2) issue for public information Yokohama Tsuzuki Ward  )

Last update date August 1, 2020

Guidance for public information Yokohama Tsuzuki Ward  

In Yokohama-shi, we issue every information paper "public information Yokohama" to send municipal administration information to (city version, ward version) for one day a month.
We have you cooperate with all of Neighborhood Association, Neighborhood Associations and public information distribution groups (apartments) and distribute with "news of the prefecture" "news from assembly", and "public information Yokohama" arranges in "Yokohama-shi PR box" installing in station in Tsuzuki Ward  , use of inhabitant of a ward facility, store.
・Distribution (acquisition) method of "public information Yokohama"

About open data (the use of data) for public information Yokohama Tsuzuki Ward  

Text data after June, 2016 issue provide PDF data under creative Commons indication, modification prohibition 4.0 international (CC-BY-ND4.0) under creative Commons indication 4.0 international (CC-BY4.0).
The details about license, please confirm mention of the following link. (the outside site)
We move to explanation page (external link) of license when we click image.

・Text data (subject to indication of the source, we admit the second use such as reproduction, copy, redistribution, modification.)

・PDF data (subject to indication of the source, we admit the second use such as reproduction, copy, redistribution. We cannot modify PDF data.)

[the source copies the following, and please use] ※●Please input applicable time into this.

The source: City of Yokohama, Tsuzuki Ward   "● age ● moon for public information Yokohama Tsuzuki Ward  "


・Text data, PDF data before May, 2016 issue are not open data.

・When we confirm the use beyond permission range and the inappropriate use more than purposes of dispatch, community of information, we prohibit the use.

・Because collect inflection examples of open data, and want to be cool for future measure, on the use of right or wrong, problem as far as there is not,
We would appreciate your informing Tsuzuki Ward   Ward Administration Promotion Division Public Relations Section (Phone: 045-948-2221).

August issue

Oldness and turnout side text data (text file: 4KB)
・Town Tsuzuki Ward   that agriculture is prosperous
Special feature text data (text file: 6KB)
・Towards town which is comfortable for relief with area "town development"
News (8.9 pages) text data (text file: 10KB) from ward office
Child care open space text data (text file: 5KB)
News text data (text file: 18KB) from facility
Tsuzuki Ward   topics text data (text file: 4KB)
・Let's review lifestyle now      Others

[important news]

 Business and event that are published in public information Yokohama Tsuzuki Ward   version,

With approach of extended prevention of new coronavirus infectious disease, it may become cancellation, postponement.

 When you participate, please confirm the held situation beforehand.

[Tsuzuki Ward  ] Announcement of event cancellation, postponement accompanied with the new coronavirus infectious disease prevention (★ July 2 update)

[Tsuzuki Ward  ] About facility information about new coronavirus infectious disease (★ July 31 update)


●Notation of announcement of news (9 pages) 26th Tsuzuki inhabitant of a ward Festival from ward office had error.
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(plus) [email] [email protected]
It is [email protected] (mistakenly) [HP]

We apologize and correct. (PDF, text data are corrected.)

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