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About advertisement business in Tsuzuki Ward   synthesis government building

At Tsuzuki Ward   government office, we push forward advertisement business utilizing ward government building for securing of resources to allot for repair of ward government building and maintenance including cleaning.

Last update date January 24, 2019

Apply for request for insertion directly after checking in application varying according to setting places.

Summary of 1 advertisement business
Advertising agency which Tsuzuki Ward   contracts broadcasts advertisement in ward office and publishes.
Contents of 2 advertisement offers
It recruits advertisers whom you can support.
Subscription for 3 period
Under occasional offer
About examination of advertisement article by 4 insertion standards
Based on Yokohama-shi insertion standard and Tsuzuki Ward   advertisement business selection society summary, we examine contents of advertisement.

About application of advertising space 1

Tsuzuki Ward   the second floor of the government office number guidance is edition (Family Registry Division, Insurance and Pension Division waiting for space)
Two small monitors (724 millimeters in height 1,210 millimeters in width per one)
Time slot is 15 seconds per video advertisement 1 frame.
We broadcast in combination video advertisement and administrative public information repeatedly all over the operation time.
Monitor operation time is from 8:40 until Monday through Friday to 17:15.
Osada advertisement Tama Office
Telephone 042-710-1751

About application of advertising space 2

Tsuzuki Ward   the first floor of the government office Tsuzuki Ward   information guidance is edition (in front of station side elevator)
Please refer to application for the details of advertising space directly.
Telephone 03-6435-8344

Advertisement that we cannot place

We cannot place the following advertisement.
It might be against public order and morals
Of the political nature there is
There is religiousness
Type of industry of business of offering food and entertainment and business of offering food and entertainment resemblance
We start gamble
Type of industry and supplier who have social problem
Facility (manipulative hospital, chiropractic, aesthetics) which performs medical similar act without fate of law
Person who is behind with city taxes and person who receives administrative advice
For more details, please confirm insertion summary and insertion standard.

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