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Public hearing (civic voice)

Last update date January 23, 2019

With public hearing……

Many opinions, requests are sent to ward office, city hall by various methods by inhabitants of a ward.
We make use of suggestion, opinion sent by inhabitants of a ward in reception desk, administration of municipal administration, the administration of a ward and examination of new measure by various systems such as "suggestion from citizen".
In this way, we accept request from everybody and call that we answer "public hearing (the principal) business" in Yokohama-shi.
At Tsuzuki Ward   government office, Ward Administration Promotion Division Public Relations Section is in charge.

"Civic voice" business

We count from the next day of acceptance day and will tell about answer or the situation within 14 days.
When we do with the day when it reaches Ward Administration Promotion Division by 16:00 of open agency day on acceptance day and reach after that, we do with the next open agency day. (open agency case that we did is excluded on Saturday or Sunday.)
※It is Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, holiday making up for the overlap of holidays on Sunday, from December 29 to January 3 of holiday on rest agency day.

"Suggestion from citizen" (Civic Affairs Bureau public hearing consultation section)
As there are envelope and letter paper for exclusive use of "suggestion from citizen" in "Yokohama-shi PR box" at facility (ward office, district center) or city station other than E-mail, please use.
We install mailing box in Tsuzuki Ward   synthesis government building.

Public announcement (collection of questions) of "civic voice" (the outside site) (Civic Affairs Bureau public hearing consultation section)
Among "suggestion from citizen" that had you approach from everybody in Yokohama-shi "mayor petitions", we announce the point of suggestion, opinion by "document" or "E-mail" and answer of Yokohama-shi for that.

It is system to send opinion from group and request to in document.

Local gathering

We talk about local problem between inhabitants of a ward and are meeting to aim at more livable town development on common understanding.
In 2016, we featured the theme of each local problem and held in 7 district alliance Neighborhood Associations Neighborhood Association.
Participant was 217 inhabitants of a ward, administrative 41 people.

<theme of main talks>
・About town development
・About city park (road), park
・About aging measures
・About disaster prevention

And Mayor of Tsuzuki of group, group moving into action in area mainly on Tsuzuki Ward   exchange opinions casually, and "talk is business that future ward administration administration refers to casually of Mayor Tsuzuki".

<the held situation>
It is lasted photonews "all of Yokohama B koruseazu" holding result (the minutes) (PDF: 448KB) on the first September 14, 2015
The second November 14, 2015 "all of Tsuzuki Ward   PTA contact meetings" holding result (the minutes) (PDF: 774KB)
The third January 28, 2016 "all of Japan professional wrestling" holding result (the minutes) (PDF: 1,363KB)
The fourth February 25, 2016 "all of Tokyo City University" holding result (the minutes) (PDF: 716KB)
It is lasted photonews "all of Tsuzuki mom nets" holding result (the minutes) (PDF: 373KB) on the fifth September 27, 2016
It is lasted photonews "all of the chatty salons of transfer wife" holding result (the minutes) (PDF: 890KB) on the sixth October 21, 2016
It is lasted photonews "all of Yokohama-shi amateur radio communications emergency communication cooperation society Tsuzuki Ward   branch offices" holding result (the minutes) (PDF: 702KB) on the seventh November 29, 2016
As for "the Tsuzuki Ward   eating habits, it is lasted photonews all of the member of improvement promotion society" (Tsuzuki Ward   health mate) holding result (the minutes) (PDF: 528KB) the eighth January 27, 2017
It is lasted photonews "dementia & prevention cafe "break-even Centerminami" administration committee members" holding result (the minutes) (PDF: 441KB) on the ninth March 2, 2017
The tenth August 21, 2017 of "NPO corporation "around city park" and park protection society is lasted photonews all of you" holding result (the minutes) (PDF: 680KB)
It is lasted photonews "NPO corporation ringurinkuno all of you" holding result (the minutes) (PDF: 662KB) on the eleventh October 6, 2017
It is lasted photonews "all of Tsuzuki fire brigade" holding result (the minutes) (PDF: 694KB) on the twelfth November 13, 2017
It is lasted photonews "all of the Misato Bridge circles" holding result (the minutes) (PDF: 1,002KB) on the thirteenth December 22, 2017
It is lasted photonews "all of you of growing holding result (the minutes) (PDF: 610KB) NPO corporation" the 14th January 23, 2018

Other public hearings business

●Public hearing business of Yokohama-shi
We introduce public hearing business going in Yokohama-shi.

Yokohama-shi call center
In Yokohama-shi call center, it is service window to guide about various inquiries such as system of city hall and ward office and various procedures, events, municipal administration information such as inquiry about facilities or living information, the latest event information in center making a specialty of.
※Depending on time and time, mass inquiries are concentrated in call center, and call may be hard to be connected.

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