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About the use of park, city park in consideration for new coronavirus infectious disease extended prevention

Last update date June 1, 2020

For new coronavirus infectious disease extended prevention, we do in the use of park, city park that Tsuzuki engineering works office manages and park facility (※ 1) as follows. We ask you to understand.

1 park, city park and precaution (common) for prevention of infection spread on using park facility
 That ill-conditioned person has refrain from the use and to crowd and is not very close; distance (as much as possible 2m or more.above a certain level Please carry out infection prophylaxis to perform hand-washing, gargle after having played playground equipments protecting mask wearing and a cough etiquette while we note for heat stroke to choose not crowded time and place securing at least 1m) thoroughly.
 In addition, we are small number and would appreciate your performing walking, jogging in park and city park after having taken distance with other users at not crowded time and place. You put masks, and please prevent droplet infection while noting physical condition in place where interval is not left.

About "the group use" to reserve multipurpose open space (※ 2) that 2 management governing boards use and adjust, and to use
 We reopen as soon as preventive measures against infection of the management governing board of each park are ready among the use group which can carry out preventive measures against infection surely after Monday, June 1 (※ 3).
 In the use, I would like cooperation for preventive measures against infection of each park (e.g., making of participant list by user and storage of around one month, bringing and principle wearing of mask); (※ 4).

About act in parks such as event holding that 3 Tsuzuki engineering works offices admit, picture shooting
 When we meet standards (※ 5) such as the number of people, assuming preventive measures against appropriate infection being taken, we admit.

About 4 park protection society activity
 Activity is limited in a short time, and please decide not to overdo it on hot day. When you wear a mask, you avoid such a work of load and rehydrate diligently before being thirsty, and you take off mask appropriately after having taken distance with neighboring people, and please take a break.
 In addition, about technological assistance with support group and Tsuzuki engineering works office of Environmental Planning Bureau, we are going to reopen sequentially.

※Old folk house of 1 Tsuzuki Chuo Park, Otsuka, saishodoiatokoen, capital field park, Ruins of Chigasaki Castle Park, forest Fureai Park of large shelf cedar, Kawawa Shimin-no-Mori, Ikebe Shimin-no-Mori, murmuring park, Chigasaki life garden, park, city park in Tsuzuki Ward   except pool of park in Tsuzuki Ward   and park facility

※2 Kanna Park multi-purpose open spaces, Ushikubonishi park multi-purpose open space, shukukorenyukoentamokumatohiromejo, murmuring park multi-purpose open space, Kuzugaya park multi-purpose open space, beef ke valley park multi-purpose open space, east park multi-purpose exercise open space, Hayabuchi park multi-purpose open space, Higashiyamata park multi-purpose open space, Saedo park multi-purpose open space, Sumiregaoka park multi-purpose open space, Saedo meet; park multi-purpose open space

※About 3 preparations situation, please ask each management governing board.

※For more information about 4 preventive measures against concrete infection, please ask Tsuzuki engineering works office or each management governing board.

※For more information about 5 standards, please refer to Tsuzuki engineering works office.

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