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Social movement, lifelong learning information (person in charge of Regional Promotion Division inhabitant of a ward activity)

Last update date March 13, 2019

Follow; MY plaza

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Business, event guide

  • Follow; person interchange Festa
  • Relationship gin meeting
  • Public information paper "magazine, we follow relationship gin with opportunity"
  • Tsuzuki Ward   inhabitant of a ward activity subsidy
  • Woman support project to glisten
  • Chatty salon of transfer wife
  • Facility cooperation program
  • "Class of adult"
  • Local book-reading activities promotion business
  • Yokohama-shi social movement insurance(to page of Civic Affairs Bureau)

Book-reading activities promotion

Child, the young people


History of Tsuzuki Ward  

International exchange

  • International exchange lounge function

Follow; MY plaza (Tsuzuki multicultural youth exchange plaza)

  • Europe

furansu-obinie Sur rayon city - Rosa, tsuzukiku
German - Germany Christmas market in Tsuzuki (the outside site)

  • Africa

- Republic of Angola friendship interchange event in Angola
Botswanan - Tsuzuki, Botswanan interchange elementary school student painting exhibition (the outside site)


Use of inhabitant of a ward facility

Facility information

About designated manager

The 2015 open call for participants situation

It is this about past open call for participants


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Person in charge of Tsuzuki Ward   General Affairs Department Regional Promotion Division inhabitant of a ward activity

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Telephone: 045-948-2235

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