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We reopen from infants, expectant mothers Dentistry consultation (free) July.

Advice (as for the expectant mothers only as for the Dentistry consultation) such as dental health examination by dentist, Dentistry consultation, toothbrushing

Last update date June 15, 2020

Infants Dentistry consultation, expectant mothers Dentistry consultation reopens from July.

From the viewpoint of new coronavirus infectious disease extended prevention, we stopped infants Dentistry consultation to carry out at ward office, expectant mothers Dentistry consultation, but decided to reopen from July after having taken infectious disease expansion preventive measures enough.
*When there are fever cold and 37.5 degrees or more, acute rash, you are not expected.
*When there being needs symptoms such as fever or a cough in families as well as child, you are not expected either.
*In the case of visit to an office, I would like cooperation for the infection prevention such as wearing (family), hand-washing of mask.
*In consultation venue, we carry out thermometry confirmation and confirm health condition.


Infants (0 years old child ... preschool child) and expectant mothers (under after giving birth one year)


Tsuzuki Health and Welfare Center
The first floor of the ward office Dentistry counselor's office (the third)


Nylon toothbrush (we do not receive practical training in * toothbrushing, but confirm size, form of toothbrush.) for finish Mother and child health handbook


Over telephone, we will accept on first-come-first-served basis. After checking schedule you like, please contact. We close as soon as it becomes capacity in every day.

  • Phone number 045-948-2320 (Tsuzuki Ward   Health and Welfare Center Children and Families Support Division)
  • Reservation reception desk: From 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on weekdays

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