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The third community-based welfare health planning

Last update date January 15, 2019

The third community-based welfare health planning

We followed and held forum

Date and time Saturday, February 16, 2019 1:30 p.m. - 3:30 p.m.
Venue Tsuzuki public hall
※Prior application is not necessary

◆Coordinator Takao Kodaira
         Den-en Chofu University psychology welfare subject associate professor 

◆Announcement contents
・Approach in the field of child, young people
  Making of place to stay ... where NPO corporation almond community network - child can feel relieved
・Approach of Chigasakiminami MGCRS district
  ... multi-generation interchange oasis ...
・Dispatch from ward office
  "Tsuzuki Ward   health action!" to wrestle with inhabitant of a ward
  Demonstration of stretch to sit down, and to be possible

Meet; forum flyer
Follow; forum flyer

The third Tsuzuki Ward   welfare health planning was completed

The whole version and summary version

When you want to see the third community-based welfare health planning for each chapter

Plan according to district

About the third community-based welfare health planning

 In Tsuzuki Ward   with person and person ten years passed after "meeting, and assisting, and sharing", and devising community-based welfare health planning as o basic principles in 2006, and various approaches including salon where holding and child, elderly people of area round-table conference to talk about Health and Welfare Division title area gathered spread. Elderly people increase while activity in area spreads out, and it will be thought that people needing support increase in future, in area watch, and approach for the system and problem solution becomes still more important.
 We succeed conventional basic principles in the third Tsuzuki Ward   community-based welfare health planning (... 2020) to work on from 2016 and anyone participates in local action or event and aims at "community development which can share power that deaiga spreads out and assists each other, and area has".

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