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Advanced age, care

Last update date November 17, 2020


Pension (receipt), medical insurance

Obstacle which received authorization when there was in state that is constant at until 74 years old from people 75 years or older or 65 years old

The Long-term Care Insurance

Purpose of life and social participation (we learn and enjoy and gather and work)

"Card with *" with "* when show to the support shop", can receive services such as discount of products, admission.

We issue identification of respect for the old special ride to hoping person.

The points which we can realize by volunteer activity in care insurance facility collect. Under recruitment of registrants!

For with will to almost act at 60 years or older living in the city, we perform free of charge job placement of-like job of temporariness for a short term.


Service, support except The Long-term Care Insurance

List of facilities

It is facility providing the welfare, health service generally at imminent place.

Right protection, adult guardianship

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List of windows and the ward office location


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