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Walk map in Tsurumi Ward

Last update date February 18, 2020

We made a part of place introduced by wakkun Tsurumi karuta walk map.
Please inflect in case such as walking.

... NEW! which follows green and waterside of Terao edition - Terao

Wakkun karuta Terao edition surface imageThe surface (PDF: 1,018KB)

Wakkun karuta Terao edition back side imageThe back side (PDF: 744KB)

In Namamugi - this, it is Tsurumi, ... NEW! over symbol

Wakkun karuta Namamugi surface imageThe surface (PDF: 1,028KB)

Wakkun karuta Namamugi back side imageThe back side (PDF: 537KB)

River ... former Tokaido and Tsurumi River ...

Wakkun karuta former Tokaido surface imageThe surface (PDF: 972KB)

Wakkun karuta former Tokaido back side imageThe back side (PDF: 772KB)

Mountain - history and green promenade ...

Wakkun karuta history and green promenade surface imageThe surface (PDF: 969KB)

Wakkun karuta history and green promenade back side imageThe back side (PDF: 789KB)

It is ... towards sea - sea

It is henhyomen towards the wakkun karuta seaThe surface (PDF: 1,549KB)

It is henhyomen towards the wakkun karuta seaThe back side (PDF: 1,694KB)

※As publication contents are things at the time of issuance, contents may be different from the present.

Walk map distribution place

Tsurumi Ward the first floor of the government office, district center in ward, community house in ward

※With wakkun Tsurumi karuta
We want you to come to like Tsurumi! Tsurumi town development promotion meeting (attractive plan group of the making of charm sectional meeting street) planned for the purpose of conveying charm of Tsurumi. We invited public participation for reading cards associated with Tsurumi in 2009 and decided reading cards from application total number 1,031. We had inhabitant of a ward volunteers describe face card which each reading cards had in 2010, and karuta of inhabitant of a ward handicraft was completed. "Wakkun Tsurumi karuta" is placed in district center and community house in Tsurumi Ward to be able to get close to many inhabitants of a ward as opportunity of attractive rediscovery of Tsurumi and can experience freely now.

Wakkun Tsurumi karuta(PDF: 5,329KB)

The Tsurumi River cherry blossoms walk map

The Tsurumi River cherry blossoms walk map
[the back]

The surface introduces cherry blossoms seen from cherry blossoms and the Tsurumi River along the Tsurumi River, shooting spot with photograph. In addition, other than recommended walk course, we put places such as "Fujimi 100 view" that Mount Fuji is seen in. We introduce work of "a lot of green Tsurumi River photo contest of all" to the back side.

Yokohama former Tokaido rises and takes a walk

Including the Tsurumi Ward, we introduce historic spot, famous spot of former Tokaido in Yokohama-shi.
Including Tsurumi Ward government office (the first-floor inhabitant of a ward hall, the fifth-floor third window), we distribute booklet at each ward office.

It is sightseeing map which targeted foreigner visiting Tsurumi Ward for business and sightseeing. We introduce tourist attraction and restaurant where "quality of Tsurumi, quality of Japan" are felt around Tsurumi Station.
※In making of this map, we had advice about the space constitution from sightseeing in Yokohama College of Commerce management subject.

Sightseeing in Tsurumi mini-map (English version)

Sightseeing in Tsurumi mini-map (Chinese edition)

Distribution place

We distribute English, Chinese edition (A41 piece both sides) at the first floor of the ward office inhabitant of a ward hall or the fifth-floor third window.

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