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[cancellation] About cancellation of "Keikyu X Tsurumi Ward X Kanagawa Ward former Tokaido walk"

Last update date February 27, 2020

Tsurumi-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa-ku, Yokohama-shi and Keikyu Corporation planned holding of "Keikyu X Tsurumi Ward X Kanagawa Ward former Tokaido walk" on Saturday, March 14, but decided to cancel holding in consideration of your health hazards by infection spread of new model coronavirus infectious disease that occurred in the country. (we are going to postpone and do)
I am very sorry to all of these events who waited expectantly for holding, but would appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Former Tokaido walking event flyer
Former Tokaido walk poster

Event summary ※It was called off.


Saturday, March 14, 2020 from 10:00 to 17:00
(we register start: for from 10:00 to 14:00)
※Please refrain from visit before reception desk start time.
※On the day ask the guidance staff who is at the nearest station about place of start reception desk.
※Rain or shine, stormy weather cancellation


Tsurumi Ward course: About 5km, Kanagawa Ward course: About 6.5㎞

  1. Start point (course map distribution place) [from 10:00 to 14:00]
    Tsurumi Ward course: Tsurumi Shrine park (1-14, Tsurumichuuo, Keikyu-Tsurumi Station 5-minute walk)
    Kanagawa Ward course: Authority of Kanagawa Higashi Park (16, Shinmachi, Kanagawa-ku, Kanagawa-Shimmachi Station 1-minute walk)
  2. Goal point (souvenir exchange place) [until 17:00]
    Tsurumi Ward course: Namamugi Incident monument side underpass green tract of land <Kirin Brewery Yokohama factory side> (the neighborhood of 1-16, Namamugi)
    Kanagawa Ward course: Yokohama Disaster Risk Reduction Learning Center (4-7, Sawatari, Kanagawa-ku)

※You may begin with either course. Even either 1 course can participate.
※When you conquer 2 course, please be careful about the goal deadline at time.

Participation method

Prior application is not necessary. On the day come to start point directly. (we leave by each person at any time after the reception desk at start point)


Free of charge

Eligible people

Anyone can participate.

Participation privilege ※It was called off.

★Privilege 1: Eating and drinking service

We can receive participant-limited advantageous service at meal bedokoro point around former Tokaido.
On the day please confirm place of meal bedokoro point and contents of service in course map distributed at start point.

★Privilege 2: We collect keywords on each course and present "Keikyu X ward original Japanese towel"!

We raise all the keywords on each course and made a goal and apply.
Keyword point
Tsurumi Ward course: Eight (great So Motoyama Mochidera)
Kanagawa Ward course: Ten (Daiba, Kanagawa Park)
※Design is different from Tsurumi Ward in Kanagawa Ward.
※It is finished as soon as amount disappears. Souvenir exchange is until 17:00.

★We present "Keikyu original goods" by the course conquest at privilege 3:2!

We raise all the keywords of both Tsurumi Ward, Kanagawa Ward courses and made a goal and apply.
※It is finished as soon as amount disappears. Souvenir exchange is until 17:00.

Special plan ※It was called off.

1 fixed point guide (Tsurumi Ward, Kanagawa Ward)

To hear stories such as local guides, we can learn history of former Tokaido more deeply.
On the day please confirm place listening to guide in course map distributed at start point.
<cooperation> (random order)
Tsurumi Ward: Meeting of Tsurumi history
Kanagawa Ward: Association of Daiba, Kanagawa regional activation promotion, meeting of now old days guide, Tokaido scenery way

2 photo spots (Tsurumi Ward)

Rental of in a traveling kit clothes, display of former Tokaido wakkun panel
Place: It is Namamugi Incident monument side underpass green tract of land (Kirin Brewery Yokohama factory side) <Tsurumi Ward course goal point.>

3 diorama display (Kanagawa Ward)

Display, commentary of Tokaido post town diorama with "Tokaido scenery way"
Place: Kanagawa District center


We can confirm the held right or wrong of the day in Yokohama-shi call center (045-664-2525).
※Only on the day it is from 8:00 to 17:00

Instructions when he/she participates ※It was called off.

  1. Please participate with clothes comfortable to walk in, shoes which got used to wearing.
    In addition, there is place via stairs in the middle of course. Please understand beforehand.
  2. As walk while we operate cell-phones is very dangerous, you are not expected.
  3. Please note that you cannot take responsibility about accident, injury during walk.
  4. Point and community road that width, the sidewalk becomes small are included partly depending on course, and please stop as it is a nuisance to general when it spreads aside and walks.
  5. Please refrain from use of umbrella in small place.
  6. Please follow Road Traffic Act, traffic manner.
  7. Please cancel participation by judgment of each person without feeling anxiety in course, and overdoing it when we get sick.
  8. Please refrain from walking-smoking.


Tsurumi Ward Kanagawa Ward Keikyu Corporation

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