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Okinawa town Tsurumi map

Last update date May 21, 2019

Connect Tsurumi Ward with activation of attracting tourist and regional economy through PR and event of tourist attractions in ward; "1,000 sets of ten thousand come, and is together", and work on promotion business. As part of this business, we made map to introduce Okinawa town Tsurumi to. It is with photograph and introduces restaurant and entertainment group, event, spot in Tsurumi Ward of Okinawa origin.

Okinawa town Tsurumi map

Okinawa town copulates

Tsurumi Ward was located in the corner of Keihin industrial area and many people gathered from the whole country around Okinawa and ever developed as town where people who worked in factories lived in. Product exhibition and restaurant of Okinawa exist in each place in ward, and event of traditional arts such as EISA is held now.

Summary of map

  • 100mm *210mm size booklet, page 32
  • We introduce eating and drinking, product store in Tsurumi Ward of Okinawa origin, interesting spot, event, entertainment

Distribution place

  • Tsurumi Ward government office
  • Tsurumi library
  • District center
  • Community care plaza
  • Yokohama City Hall citizen information center
  • Yokohama-shi tourist information center others

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