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Diary (April, 2020) of wakkun

Last update date April 16, 2020

Diary of wakkun

We introduce Tsurumi noichioshi information that wakkun discovered! Others, news, haunting (!from wakkun We will tell about state of) information and everyday life.

April, 2020

No. 41 (April, 2020 day) all will hold hand-washing, a cough etiquette, too!

Diary of No. 41 (April, 2020 day) wakkun

Wakkun which wears a mask

About new coronavirus infectious disease, we see much news every day.

"Brisk hand-washing" "alcohol disinfection of finger", person with symptom with cough and sneezing will do basic measures such as "a cough etiquette" to prevent infection.

I wear a mask, too and am doing hand-washing diligently.

I think coronavirus to be important for both of "do not catch" saying "do not move".

Feeling that we want to encounter is identified as friend very much, but let's spend in house without doing useless going out now.

We do not do it in house! Everybody who says this!
There are recommended exercises that we finish defeating. See if possible!
Wakkun knee knee exercises

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