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Wakkun self-introduction

Last update date February 5, 2019


The name: Wakkun

Sex: Boy

Process of birth:
Was performed in 1988 ahead of municipal administration 100 years, "is together; made mascot to have was festival `88", and get close to festival. Afterwards, we decided the name by open call for participants and were just succeeded as mascot of ward.
Wakkun reached the birth 30th anniversary in January, 2018!

Charm point: Tail (?) ・Smile

Character: Child enthusiast

Wakkun family
It is wakkochan, wakkun mom, little wakkun, wakkun daddy, wakkun from the left

Wakkun daddy, wakkun mom, little wakkun, wakkochan (friend of wakkun)

Why is it crocodile? :
As we were together, and theme of festival `88 was "symphony of river of hill,"
The land and living thing which could inhabit underwater having been preferable, form of Tsurumi Ward of face of crocodile
It was good to being similar to form, powerful image of "industrial town, Tsurumi"
Thing is main reason.

Form of Tsurumi Ward is similar to form of face of crocodile
Form of Tsurumi Ward is similar to profile of crocodile!

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