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Business main page of the 90th anniversary of Tsurumi constituency system

Last update date March 9, 2019

Tsurumi Ward reached the constituency system 90th anniversary on October 1, 2017!

★What's New★
March 14, 2018Cartulary of the 90th anniversary of Tsurumi constituency system was completed!

On October 1, 1927 (Showa 2), Tsurumi Ward nominated the first cry for five wards of first one in Yokohama-shi.
Tsurumi Ward which grew up with development of Keihin industrial area reaches the constituency system 90th anniversary in October, 2017 (Heisei 29). Therefore we placed from January, 2017 to December as "public performance ear" "pre-year" in from April, 2016 to December, and Tsurumi Ward performed various commemorative projects so that "it was more and more attractive, and it was in cheerful town".

Please see event calendar for more information about event of commemorative project.

Public performance year :From January, 2017 to December "event calendar"

<as for the results of pre-ear event of 2016 from this>
Pre-ear: From April, 2016 to December "play vent" (the outside site)

★About news, offer★

Announcement of issuance of cartulary of the 90th anniversary of Tsurumi constituency system
We issued commemorative cartulary to leave memory of the 90th anniversary of the constituency system and this commemorative project in history!
As we can download from the following, please see by all means!

Photograph of cartulary of the 90th anniversary of Tsurumi constituency system(PDF: 6,345KB)

Announcement of Tsurumi, future town poster contest work prize winner announcement
Tsurumi Ward will be more and more attractive in future, and, in commemoration of the constituency system 90th anniversary, is fine; recruited posters of "Tsurumi Ward 20 years" later to wait, and five points of prize winners and one point of special prize were decided!

Image of poster contest prize winner

Image of poster contest prize winner

Image of poster contest prize winner

Image of poster contest prize winner

Image of poster contest prize winner

Image of poster contest prize winner

●Prize winner (application total number 1,119 work)
Memorial award of the 90th anniversary of Tsurumi constituency system
Mayor Tsurumi Prize
Elementary school lower grades section prize
Elementary school upper grades section prize
Junior high school section prize
Special prize

★Including selection result (the outside site)

In addition, we decided 13 works of design manhole to carry out as business of the 90th anniversary of Tsurumi constituency system at the same time.
※About design manhole

wakuwaku copulates! 90 laps of anniversaries 
[on the date]
Saturday, September 30, 2017, Sunday, October 1
It is held in JR Tsurumi Station East Exit, West Exit, large So Motoyama Mochidera, sage hall, each place including Tsurumi public hall!
→We appreciate your arriving to many people.
★Material (the outside site) at the time of holding

Under "Tsurumi highlight 90" great admiration distribution! ! 
As business of the 90th anniversary of Tsurumi constituency system, we chose "Tsurumi highlight 90" based on current "Tsurumi highlight 80".
We appreciate your applying in much new highlight candidates.
We are distributing at Tsurumi Ward the first floor of the government office government building guidance window, the fifth-floor second window!
★Page of Tsurumi highlight 90 

Logo of the 90th anniversary of Tsurumi constituency system

≪Supporting company banner≫

Banner of prince Electric

Banner of Matsuo Komuten

Banner of Kirin Brewery Co., Ltd.

Banner of YOU TV

Banner of nice company

Banner of association of Tsurumi Ward self-government society

Banner of the Cass media

Logo of JFE Engineering Corporation

Banner of Yokohama work place

Banner of Kikuchi undertaker

Banner of Mornaga & Co., Ltd.

Banner of Shinohara group

Banner of AGC

Banner of NISSAN MOTOR Co., Ltd.

Banner of the Kyoto south

Banner of Kawasaki Tsurumi Rinko Bus

Banner of Tsurumi inhabitant of a ward Cultural Center sage hall

Banner of Greenfield

Banner of Nakamaru industrial transportation

Banner of Okamura distribution

Banner of association of Yokohama construction industry Tsurumi ward assembly

Banner of N S tech

Banner of one of Yokohama Tsurumi district transport business cooperative association

Banner of Umiyama

Banner of Ishikawa

Banner of the House of crystal

Banner of new Tsurumi driving school

Banner of Daikokufutou contact meeting

Banner of Toagosei Co., Ltd.

Banner of genkaishatsuruokatenrei

Banner of Nomura Securities

Banner of C shiaru Tsurumi

Banner of Nisso group

Banner of crane die Corporation

Banner of nonprofit foundation Kanagawa association of residential land building business

Banner of TOA Corporation

Banner of TOSHIBA Corporation

Banner of association of non profit organization Tsurumi inhabitant of a ward local action

Banner of TOWNNEWS-SHA Co., Ltd.

≪As of supporting company, group >> December 31, 2017

Federation of junior high school, high school/Resona Bank Tsurumi branch/Tsurumi traditional Japanese music/Tokiwa plan first class authorized architect office attached to fair/Kakino shop printing office/Tsurumi minaru fair/Orient electric equipment/Oguro industrial park cooperative/Tsurumi University of person of fair/Tokyo Wajima fair/Tsurumi Shinto shrine/Tsurumi field festival preservation fair/yokohamashobaishuhankumigotsurukenshibu/parlor SPARK/ Toyoko/Tsurumi Ward child upbringing fair notification meeting/social welfare corporation loving people impartially fair special elderly nursing home shojuno village Tsurumi/public interest incorporated foundation Yokohama-shi International Association/Okinawa product center/Hosei University girls' high school/Tsurumi safe driving manager fair/Tsurumi fugue 1 Residential Association/Kanagawa construction of public works public labor union Yokohama Tsurumi branch office/Katsuki/educational foundation Hakuho girl academy Hakuho girls' high school/AKTIO/Tsurumi Ward child with a disability group alliance fair/yugenkaishameikoden*/Tsurumi Ward lyceum/JTB corporate sales corporation business Kawasaki branch/Morita construction/center workers' credit union Tsurumi branch/Tsurumi highlight guide of fair/Tsurumi Ward golden age club alliance fair/Tsurumi Ward food hygiene association/kabushikikaishakodensha/Tsurumi Ward sports promotion committee member notification meeting/public interest incorporated foundation Yokohama worker welfare association tide field General Hospital/Suzuki funeral shop/Tsurumi history of member of association/Eastern Asia engineering/Misono Park "Yokomizo mansion" to put House of friend/circle bee/Tsurumi port railroad/Tsurumi truck social gathering/Four Devas/general incorporated foundation Metropolitan expressway association/social welfare corporation Yokohama-shi welfare service association/Tsurumi fire prevention association/Yokohama Tsurumi west Lions Club/Tsurumi Ward local welfare officer children's committee meeting/general incorporated association Kanagawa landscape gardening business association Tsurumi branch office/kabushikikaishaisho/Yokohama Tsurumi Lions Club/Saiseikai Yokohamashi Tobu Hospital/general incorporated association Yokohama Port promotion association/religious corporation Shiota Shinto shrine/Yokohama Chamber of Commerce and Industry Tsurumi branch office/Mizuho Bank Tsurumi station square branch/Tokyo region licensed tax accountant fair Tsurumi branch office/Imai construction/TOKYO GAS Co., Ltd. Kanagawa branch office Yokohama branch/Sakae encouragement of new industry/Sato environment maintenance/Tsurumi dental association/Asahidaira glass processing/Yokohama Tsurumi north Rotary Club/Kanagawa Mitsubishi Fuso Jidosha Hanbai/TOHO taxi/Yokohama Ishikawa association of people originating from the same prefecture/yugenkaisha*susumi/NPO corporation Yokohama-shi boat association/Rembrandt in Best Western Yokohama/purple favor/general incorporated foundation of House of Prince electric equipment/Kyosan Electric Mfg. Co., Ltd./Matsuo Komuten/Kirin Brewery Co., Ltd. Yokohama factory/great So Motoyama Mochidera /YOU TV company/Neis company/East Japan Railway Company. Yokohama branch office/Keikyu Corporation/Tsurumi Ward self-government alliance fair/Cass media/JFE Engineering Corporation/Yokohama work place/Kikuchi undertaker, Yokohama ceremony/Mornaga & Co., Ltd. Tsurumi factory/Shinohara group/The Tsurumi Seiki Co., Ltd./NISSAN MOTOR Co., Ltd./Kyoto south/Asahi Glass Co., Ltd. Keihin factory/Kawasaki Tsurumi Rinko Bus/Tsurumi University/"Tsurumi, Yokohama-shi inhabitant of a ward Cultural Center sage hall (designated manager Kanagawa Kyoritsu, HARIMA B.STEM consortium)/Greenfield/Yokohama College of Commerce/Nakamaru industry transportation/Okamura distribution/Yokohama construction industry association Tsurumi ward assembly/N S tech/Soka Gakkai Ikeda, Kanagawa memory hall/Yokohama Tsurumi district transport business cooperative association/Umiyama/Ishikawa/crystal/new Tsurumi driving school/Daikokufutou notification meeting/educational foundation atommento fair St. Josef school elementary school, junior high school, high school/Toagosei Co., Ltd. Yokohama factory/Tsuruoka master of ceremony/Nomura Securities Tsurumi branch/Yokohama Station Building /NISSO Nisso group/crane die Corporation/(public corporation) Kanagawa association of residential land building business Yokohama Tsurumi branch office/TOA Corporation/TOSHIBA Corporation Keihin office/Tanabe drugstore/Samsung Japan research institute/Kase warehouse/non profit organization Tsurumi inhabitant of a ward local action association/TOWNNEWS-SHA Co., Ltd./coat/Tsurumi Ward mall alliance fair/Tsurumi Ward industry fair/JA Yokohama/Fuji landscape gardening/social welfare corporation ASAHI/Inoue steel materials/Kanagawa car maintenance Tsurumi branch office/nonprofit foundation Tsurumi corporation fair/new Sakae transportation/Anzencho oil meeting/Tsurumi Ward self-government alliance fair woman region/Shinwa transportation/Yamada painting industry/Tsurumi Ward flood control meeting/general incorporated association Tsurumi Ward medical association/Tsurumi pharmacist fair/educational foundation Tachibana Gakuen Tachibana Gakuen junior high school High School/Yokohama-shi tubing cooperative Tsurumi branch office/TelWel East Japan Corporation Kanagawa branch/Watanuki facilities/living, and to hang executive committee/Yokohama Tsurumi west Rotary Club/Tsurumi Ward young people instructor meeting/Tsurumi road safety association/Tsurumi blue return fair/Tsurumi game center association/crane assortment industry/lower net, Tsurumi/Komaoka riverbed clean up & fishing meeting executive committee/Tsurumi Ward consumer life promotion

It is town assembly/Komaoka downtown area fair/2, Kamisueyoshi town assembly/3, Kamisueyoshi Neighborhood Associations/4, Kamisueyoshi town assembly/Kamisueyoshi Mitsuike town assembly/Shimosueyoshi first Mutsumicho fair/Shimosueyoshi second Sueyoshi fair/Shimosueyoshi Honcho town assembly/3, Shimosueyoshi Shimacho Neighborhood Association/Shimosueyoshi Asahi Neighborhood Associations in Neighborhood Association/Ichibanishinakacho Neighborhood Association/Ichibashimocho Neighborhood Association/quality Neighborhood Association/Yamatocho Neighborhood Association/Fujimi-machi Neighborhood Association/Sugasawacho Neighborhood Association/Heianmachi town assembly/Sakaemachi 3.4 chome Neighborhood Associations/Tsurumi ground apartment house Neighborhood Association/Shitte Neighborhood Association/Yokohama oar parks/origin of shrine Neighborhood Association/Ichibakamicho Neighborhood Associations/bird Wood Tsurumi Neighborhood Association/oberu Yokohama Tsurumi Neighborhood Association/Tsurumi Kamimachi Neighborhood Association/Tsurumi in town assembly/Komaoka in shrine Neighborhood Association/areritsujichikai/Komaoka in sectional meeting/Neighborhood Associations/Bessho Neighborhood Association/Shishigaya Neighborhood Association/Neighborhood Association/sound town assembly/Babacho Neighborhood Association/riding ground first Neighborhood Associations/Babacho second Neighborhood Association/Neighborhood Association/Neighborhood Association/Kitaterao Neighborhood Associations/in northern Higashiterao in eastern Kitaterao in western riding ground in southern Babacho in fair/Suwazaka Neighborhood Association/Teratani Neighborhood Association/evergreen apartment house Neighborhood Association/Dongtai Neighborhood Association/Higashiterao in authority of authority of authority of town assembly/Tsurumi 1.2 chome Neighborhood Associations/Tsurumichuuo bottom second Neighborhood Associations/Tsurumi bottom third town assembly/eicho*kai/2, Shiotamachi town assembly/relation two orders eyes Neighborhood Association/relation three orders eyes Neighborhood Association/Hamacho one order eyes Neighborhood Association/3, Shiotamachi west Neighborhood Association/4, Shiotamachi Neighborhood Association/4, Mukaicho Neighborhood Association/Daitoumachi Neighborhood Association/Asahicho Neighborhood Association/Hamacho 2 ship Neighborhood Association/Asahicho park apartment house Tsurumi Neighborhood Association/bottom Nodani 1.2 chome Neighborhood Association/1, Honchodori Neighborhood Association/Nissho Iwai Tsurumi apartment Neighborhood Association/1, Shiotamachi town assembly/3, Shitanoyacho Neighborhood Association/3, Honchodori Neighborhood Association/4, Shitanoyacho Neighborhood Association/4, Honchodori Neighborhood Association/relation one order eyes Neighborhood Association/1, Shioiricho Neighborhood Association/2, Shioiricho Neighborhood Association/bottom Nodani Neighborhood Association/Ono-machi Neighborhood Association/Ono-machi second Neighborhood Association/Clio cash register dance Yokohama Tsurumi Neighborhood Association/Namamugi Neighborhood Association/Namamugi Kitamachi central part Neighborhood Associations/town assembly/Minamiuwamachi fair/Minaminakamachi fair/Minamihamacho fair/in eastern Hongu town assembly/in western Hongu town assembly/Yanagimachi town assembly/Hara east Neighborhood Associations/Hara west Neighborhood Association/residential area Neighborhood Associations/Kishiya first Neighborhood Association/Kishiya second Neighborhood Association/Kishiya third Neighborhood Association/Kishiya fourth Neighborhood Association/Tsutsujigaoka Neighborhood Association/cheerful fair/Ikenotani door Neighborhood Association/Higashiterao first Neighborhood Association/Higashiterao second Neighborhood Association/Higashiterao third Neighborhood Association/Namamugi house Neighborhood Association/Toyooka first Neighborhood Associations/Toyooka second town assembly/Toyooka third town assembly/Tsukunocho containing in southern Shioiri in northern Kitamachi in southern Kitamachi in southern Higashiterao in town assembly/Tsurumichuuo in the meeting/3, Yakou Neighborhood Associations/4, Yakou Neighborhood Associations/5, Yakou neighborhood association/6, Yakou Neighborhood Associations/Egasaki Neighborhood Associations/market east in 1, Yakou neighborhood association/Yakou Minamicho

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