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Play vent of the 90th anniversary of Tsurumi constituency system

Last update date February 26, 2020

It is event from May to December in 2016.

ScheduleEvent namePlaceSponsorshipEvent contents
Saturday, May 14Mitsuike Park (culture, environment) festivalMitsuike ParkMitsuike Park (culture, environment) festival executive committeeRefreshment stand, sports experience and the old days play experience, performance of primary and secondary student and group in ward on stage, flea market others which can participate casually
Sunday, June 5Terao second district
Great athletic meet 2016
Upper shrine Junior High School groundThe Terao second district alliance societyEgg and spoon race, ball forwarding, throwing-ball game, tug of war, Neighborhood Association (Neighborhood Associations) opposition relay others
Saturday, June 4 ・
5th Sunday
Sugasawacho Neighborhood Association FestivalOyamazumi-jinja ShrineSugasawacho Neighborhood AssociationRefreshment stand others
Saturday, July 2Market district
"Exercise to light society" great parade
The market Junior High School front gateAssociation of market district self-government society, market district Council of Social Welfare, market district protection hostParade by the guidance of brass band club and marching band
※We perform company light meeting in case of rain in peaceful elementary school gymnasium
Saturday, July 16, 17th SundayTsurumichuuo komiha
Announcement & exhibition
2016 charity dances
Tsurumichuuo community houseTsurumichuuo community housePresentation, work display
Saturday, July 23Is together; Kanagawa inhabitant of a ward day Yokohama F. Marinos soccer classroom & watching games meetingNissan well fair (soccer classroom) → Nissan Stadium (watching games society)Yokohama F. MarinosTsurumi Ward government office, Kanagawa Ward government office, NISSAN MOTOR Yokohama factory, "watching parent and child soccer classroom & home game society" by the Yokohama F. Marinos cosponsorship
Saturday, July 23, 24th Sunday2016
Yokohama citizen physical education meet (boat)
The Tsurumi River rowing groundAssociation of NPO corporation Yokohama-shi boat2-day boat race
<, as for the item, following>
Knuckle four (we mix boy, girl), kuodoburu (we mix boy, girl), eight (we mix boy, girl), knuckle invitation race, JBC cup primary schoolchild race
Saturday, July 23, 24th SundayYako alliance Neighborhood Associations
Bon festival dance
Yako Elementary SchoolYako district alliance Neighborhood AssociationsBon festival dance, refreshment stand others
Sunday, July 24Authority of relation two orders eyes Neighborhood Association
Enjoying the cool breeze festival
Authority of relation two orders eyes community hallAuthority of relation two orders eyes Neighborhood AssociationRefreshment stand, large lottery others
Monday, July 25"Exercise to light society"
Komaoka mini-meeting
Komaoka district centerThe Komaoka district alliance societyLecture, the video screening
Friday, July 29Player business of the 90th anniversary of X Tsurumi constituency system of the 50th anniversary of the Yokohama College of Commerce open studies
Tsurumi town development policy competition
Yokohama College of Commerce
Is together; campus
Yokohama College of Commerce, Tsurumi Ward government officeInvestigation, presentation of local problem by Yokohama College of Commerce student
From Friday, July 29 to 31st Sunday
3 days and 2 nights
Tsurumi Ward
Child summer camp
House of Yokohama-shi boy nature
Akagi school campground in the forest
Tsurumi Ward child upbringing society contact meetingCamping, test of a courage, recreation
Saturday, July 30, 31st SundayThe Shiota Western Province alliance
Bon festival dance meet
Shioiri Elementary School groundAssociation of Shiota Western Province self-government societyBon festival dance, stand others
※We hold in case of rain on Monday, August 1 on both days
Sunday, July 31Cool the earth; 2016in ToyookaTsurumi Station West Exit mall venue - Toyooka StreetToyooka mall cooperativeSprinkled water event, refreshment stand others
Wednesday, August 3Secret ... of ... taste to scientize chocolateYokohama
Science frontier high school
Yokohama science frontier high school, Tsurumi Ward government officeCourse "taste of emulsification and ganache of chocolate" ・
Workshop (there is sampling)
Friday, August 5, 6th SaturdayKitaterao Neighborhood Associations
Enjoying the cool breeze Bon festival dance
Samuel open fieldKitaterao Neighborhood AssociationsBon festival dance, refreshment stand others
Saturday, August 6, 7th Sunday
*Rainy weather spare day: 8th Monday
The Komaoka district alliance society
Bon festival dance
Komaoka Elementary School school groundsThe Komaoka district alliance societyBon festival dance
Child drum, adult drum
Saturday, August 13, 14th SundayHometown of arriving
Bon festival dance meet
Tsukuda field ground
(Tsukuda field Park)
Meeting in TsukunochoBon festival dance, night stall
Saturday, August 20
*At the time of stormy weather
Sunday, August 21
The 30th Tsurumi River summer festival, Tsurumi River fireworks festivalAround Tsukuda field Park ・
The Tsurumi River embankment
Tsurumi River summer Festival executive committeeRefreshment stand, PR booth, E-boat experience, the Tsurumi River Cruise concert, fireworks festival others
Saturday, September 3Mall professional wrestling Tsurumi GamesTsurumi inhabitant of a ward Cultural Center
Sage hall
The Tsurumi Ward mall alliance society, Ginza, Tsurumi mall cooperativeGame of force perfect score is developed!
※Watching games is charged
Saturday, September 3Communication, swallowing course in the care preventionThree Toyooka second hallsMeeting of Toyooka mapleLecturer: Well care Shinyoshida
Language hearing person Kanae Sato
Sunday, September 11The Komaoka district alliance society
Respect for the old treat
Komaoka district centerKomaoka district alliance society ・
Komaoka district Council of Social Welfare, Komaoka district public welfare elementary school student Committee
Ceremony, entertainment others
Sunday, September 25Wakkun karuta walking meet
It sucks in in, and how does it rise?
Start: Tsurumi University Hall
Goal: Upper Terao Elementary School
Meeting, Tsurumi Ward of the making of Tsurumi charmWe go round famous places of Tsurumi
Science rally and stamp rally
Sunday, September 25Shiota interchange plaza autumn festivalShiota interchange plazaShiota interchange plaza autumn festival executive committeeRefreshment stand, miscellaneous goods sale ・
Work display, experience-based ・
Stage event others
Saturday, October 1Komaoka riverbed clean up & fishing meetKomaoka riverbed
(Omagari open space, disaster prevention anchorage, neighboring riverbeds)
Komaoka riverbed clean up & fishing meet executive committee1. Care for clean up, flower garden
2. Fishing meet
3. Tapir boat test-ride event
Sunday, October 9The Komaoka district alliance society athletic meetKomaoka Elementary SchoolThe Komaoka district alliance societyAthletic meet
※It is held in gymnasium in rainy day
Saturday, October 15
*At the time of stormy weather
Sunday, October 16

The 26th copulates; seaside festival

Irifune parkIs together; seaside festival executive committeeRefreshment stand, sports, the old days play experience of participation type, performance of primary and secondary student group and samba in ward, contact type movement Zoo, little Okinawa zone others
Thursday, October 20, 21st Friday

Member of Tsurumi Ward consumer life promotion school festival
"Hint exhibition of living"

The first floor of the ward office
Inhabitant of a ward hall
Meeting of member of Tsurumi Ward consumer life promotionPanel display, stage demonstration
Wednesday, October 26The first consumer life seminar
"Difference and checkpoint - of basic knowledge ... public private facility of home for exclusive use of elderly person"
Tsurumi public hallYokohama-shi consumer life synthesis center, Tsurumi Ward government officeLecture
Sunday, October 30Tsurumi fire brigade disaster prevention fairGreat So Motoyama Mochidera University parking lotTsurumi fire brigadeDisplay of large-scale disaster training
Member of fire brigade dispatch, drainage experience
Sunday, October 30Shiota Western Province athletic meetShioiri Elementary School school groundsAssociation of Shiota Western Province self-government societyAthletic meet
Sunday, October 30The 53rd Yokohama citizen boat raceYokohama-shi Tsurumi River rowing groundAssociation of NPO Yokohama-shi boatBoat race meet
November 3 (celebration, tree)Is together; dream open space in *jiji

The great So Motoyama Mochidera precincts

Is together; dream open space in *jijijitsukoiinkaiWe get close to culture and history of Yokohama, Tsurumi, and, under the theme of deepening the Great East Japan Earthquake and bond, refreshment stand and stage performance are carried out.
November 3 (celebration, tree)Charm of Noto WajimaTsurumi University HallWajima-shi, Ishikawa ・
Tsurumi University, Tsurumi University junior college part
Lecture, exhibition about lacquer art of Wajima-shi that is friendship interchange city of Tsurumi and
Sightseeing product shop
Saturday, November 5Life of daughter - Namamugi-mura Chie Sekiguchi of village toward Edo-jo Castle inner palaceKirin Brewery Yokohama factory
General ridge hall
Yokohama College of Commerce libraryAs part of business of the 50th anniversary of the Yokohama College of Commerce open studies, we carry out lecture that we intended for toward the area. Speaker is Mr. Yujiro Oguchi (Ochanomizu University's emeritus professor).
Saturday, November 5, 6th SundayThe first Tsurumi uchina festivalIrifune parkTsurumi uchina festival executive committeeFestival that featured the theme of Okinawa performed in eminent Okinawa town Tsurumi in Kanto
Eating and drinking, stage performances 50 or more traditional experience-based booth and 15 or more
Saturday, November 19Is together; reading lectureTsurumi University HallTsurumi library
Tsurumi Ward government office
Panel discussion
November 23 (celebration, water)Namamugi former Tokaido Festival 2016Namamugi riverside fish market streetThe Namamugi first district alliance societyFeature the theme of "side dish eight ke ura" and "Namamugi accommodation"; and branch, event. Lectures about history of conger eel Namamugi noted product tempura and Namamugi bowl, Yokohama Port and Namamugi.

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