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Chronological table of Tsurumi Ward

Last update date March 11, 2019

Chronological table of Tsurumi Ward

The generation


1190 (1190) Yoritomo Minamoto, visit to the capital
It is written down to "Azuma mirror" what Juro Kamoshida, Jiro Baba, Taro Terao, Saburo Terao Taro accompanied (last years of Heian era)
1221 (1221) Revolt of Shokyu
The names such as Shiro Shiota Taro, Rokuro Shiota, temple Taro Omata, jibihidarieimoni are written down to "Azuma mirror" in war wound dead person
1333 (1333) Yoshisada Nitta raises an army, and Tsurumi battle happens
1334 (1334) "Matsukage temple old figure" making (the Muromachi era)
eitei around 2008 (1436) Suwa constructs a castle in Terao-jo Castle
Suwa inherits the lord of a castle from first Umanosuke Suwa afterward in 5 daimokuumakorejo
1575 (1575) The Terao lord of a castle Suwa death
1600 (1600)OctoberThe Battle of Sekigahara
Six years (1601) Maintenance Tsurumibashi (the existing Tsurumi River Bridge) constructs the Five Routes
16 years (1611) Two territory water completion
1853 (1853)Junepe Lee visit to a shore
1859 (1859)JuneThe Yokohama opening of a port (June 2 opening of a port memorial day)
1862 (1862)AugustThe Namamugi Incident happens
1868 (1868)SeptemberKanagawa setting
Five years (1872)SeptemberRailroad opening between 12th Shimbashi - Yokohama, the 13th Tsurumi Station opening of business
22 years (1889)April

The municipal organization enforcement (a population of 116,193 people)
To the municipal organization enforcement, Asahimura, straight Mio-mura (later Tsurumicho), Machida village (later Shiotamachi) are born in Tsurumi area

31 years (1898)MayForerunner "Great Teacher electric railway" of Keikyu establishment
44 years (1911)NovemberWe move to Soto sect University So Motoyama Mochidera Tsurumi
1913 (1913)FebruaryGroup money does Soichiro Asano, Tsurumi inning association and starts inning of Tsurumi Beach 495 hectares (1.5 million tsubos)
Three years (1914)MayWe open Hirotaka Hiraoka, elementary school student amusement park "Kagetsuen"
12 years (1923)SeptemberThe Great Kanto Earthquake occurrence
14 years (1925)April

Tsurumicho (old life Mio-mura) and Shiotamachi (former Machida village) are merged
It becomes Tsurumicho

15 years (1926)MarchForerunner "Tsurumi port railroad" of Tsurumi Line opening
 NovemberDaiichi-Keihin national highway completion
1927 (1927)AprilTsurumicho, Asahimura (a part of current whole Tsurumi Ward and Kanagawa Ward, Kohoku Ward) are merged with Yokohama-shi

Tsurumi Ward birth a population of 62,446 people
(constituency system takes effect with five wards of Tsurumi, Kanagawa, average, Hodogaya, Isogo)

Three years (1928)JuneOpening between streetcar Koyasu Line Namamugi - Kinkou Bridge
Five years (1930)Novemberso*yasoichiro of Keihin inning dies (83 years old)
Six years (1931)MayKagetsuen girls' opera is dissolved
18 years (1943)JulyCountry buys private railroad Tsurumi port railroad, and Japanese National Railways Tsurumi Line starts a business
20 years (1945)April12,444 ward office others are destroyed by fire by air raid
21 years (1946)AprilKagetsuen revives as amusement park
 NovemberElementary school student amusement park "Kagetsuen" close
25 years (1950)MayThe Kagetsuen bicycle race track opening
29 years (1954)AugustTsurumi technical high school is Koshien participation, Mitsuike Park opening of the park
31 years (1956)JuneWe appoint in Yokohama-shi, ordinance-designated city
33 years (1958)MarchThe second Keihin national highway completion
 SeptemberThe Tsurumi River is 648 households of flooding house submergence, flood above floor level 14,000 by typhoon No.22
37 years (1962)AugustThe Namamugi Incident 100-year memory memorial service
38 years (1963)NovemberThe Japanese National Railways Tsurumi accident 161 death
39 years (1964)SeptemberTokyo Olympic flame passes Tsurumi Ward on September 1
 NovemberTsurumi Ward old synthesis government building completion
41 years (1966)AugustThe streetcar Namamugi line abolition
42 years (1967)MayWe appoint in the Tsurumi River, the first grade river
43 years (1968)JulyTo 260,777 people who are the best population of ward
44 years (1969)MayThe "Tsurumi Hall" opening
50 years (1975)AprilShishigaya Shimin-no-Mori opening of the park
1952 (1977)OctoberA population of 237,678 people of the 50th anniversary of the administration of a ward
1953 (1978)MayPopulation of Yokohama-shi becomes the national second place (2,714,966)
1955 (1980)JanuaryThe Tsurumi library opening
 DecemberThe Sueyoshi district center opening (the Tsurumi Ward first)
60 years (1985)OctoberThe Tsurumi public hall opening
 DecemberPopulation of Yokohama-shi exceeds 3 million (as of December 2 3,000,228 by estimate)
1962 (1987)OctoberA population of 243,751 people of the 60th anniversary of the constituency system enforcement
1963 (1988)JanuaryTsurumi Ward newly general government building completion
Tsurumi Ward mascot "wakkun" establishment
Is appointed by the "Yokomizo mansion" city designated cultural assets first
1989 (1989)SeptemberYokohama Bay Bridge skywalk completion
Two years (1990)JuneUpper Terao Elementary School community house (the Tsurumi Ward first) open
 JulyDaikokufutou inning completion
Three years (1991)FebruaryEmblem establishment of Tsurumi Ward
 NovemberFlower (sage) decision of inhabitant of a ward
Six years (1994)MayTsurumi Station West Exit service counter in the city hall setting
The Shiota interchange plaza (international students' hall, district center, community care plaza (Tsurumi Ward first), contact shop port) opening
 DecemberBay-coast express way (Tsurumi-Tsubasa Bridge) opening
We are together and devise Wonder plan
Seven years (1995)AprilThe environmental business station Tsurumi factory full-scale operation
The new Tsurumi Elementary School opening of a school
 SeptemberEvacuation shelter starts and carries out disaster drill at all the ward small, junior high school pieces
 OctoberA population of 251,225 people of national census, ward
Can, bottle Tsurumi Ward 100% separated collection start
Eight years (1996)MayTsurumi Ward homepage establishment
 JulyThe great Black Sea zuri park opening of the park
Elderly person rest training facility "fureyu" opening
 October"Yako district center, community care plaza" opening
 December"Terao community care plaza" opening
Nine years (1997)MayInlet River murmuring city park opening
 JuneIn Tokyo Bay tanker accident, damage of heavy oil leak in the sea of Tsurumi
 OctoberA population of 250,883 people of the 70th anniversary of the constituency system
Tree (crape myrtle) decision of ward
We decide nickname of 36 U.S. roads with "the sea breeze main street"
Ten years (1998)JuneWard office lunch break handling duties expansion
 OctoberHalfway person with a disability local action center "furendoru Tsurumi" open
11 years (1999)MarchWe complete maintenance of evacuation shelter
 JulyBaba Kaboku-en Garden opening of the park
 OctoberThe welfare health practice base establishment
12 years (2000)MarchDistrict choice of Tsurumi Station East Exit Urban District Redevelopment Project
 AprilThe Institute of Physical and Chemical Research "Yokohama Institute" start
 MaySpecial elderly nursing home "new Tsurumi home" open
 OctoberA population of 254,107 people of national census, ward
Institute of Physical and Chemical Research Yokohama Institute "Genomic Sciences Center at RIKEN" open
 NovemberPerson with a disability local action home "trunk" open
 December"Riding ground Red Gate park" opening of the park
13 years (2001)March"Industry-university co-operation collaborative investigation center" establishment
 AprilThe "municipal university Graduate School" (cooperation graduate school) opening of a school
 MayFamily Registry Division proof window establishment
 September"Higashiterao community care plaza" opening
 NovemberDraft announcement of city master plan, Tsurumi Ward plan
14 years (2002)JanuaryHealth and Welfare Center establishment
 March"Komaoka district center, community care plaza" opening
 MayCity planning master plan "town development of Tsurumi" development
15 years (2003)AprilThe Yokohama new technology creation building "reading venture plaza" opening
16 years (2004)AprilInstitute of Physical and Chemical Research Yokohama Institute "immunity, allergic scientific general research center" open
Route 357 opening
18 years (2006)January"Saying vine" (Tsurumiichiba community care plaza, Tsurumiichiba community house) open
19 years (2007)MarchThe eastern part core hospital "Saiseikai Yokohamashi Tobu Hospital" opening of a Diet session
 MayTsurumichuuo community care plaza open
 OctoberA population of 267,447 people of the 80th anniversary of the constituency system enforcement
21 years (2009)AprilThe Yokohama science frontier High School opening of a school
22 years (2010)MarchKagetsuen bicycle race track close
 November"Tsurumi Hall" closing
 DecemberThe Tsurumichuuo community house opening
23 years (2011)MarchTsurumi international exchange lounge, the inhabitant of a ward Cultural Center sage hall opening
24 years (2012)JanuaryNamamugi community care plaza open
 NovemberThe Tsurumi Station station building "shiaru Tsurumi" opening of business

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