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Summary of Tsurumi Ward

Last update date February 6, 2019

Tsurumi Ward is formed from northwest hill country, low land of the Tsurumi River basin, reclaimed land of seaside part located at the northeastern part of Yokohama-shi, and the most become city area. As for the seaside part, industrial area, center are made up mainly of commerce, residential quarter, but house mechanic mixture district is seen, too. In addition, hill part becomes residential area where a little nature was left for in ward. Tsurumi Ward which was born by the constituency system enforcement of Yokohama-shi of 1927 has not only face as industrial area but also commercial city, face as bedroom suburb.

In addition, history of Tsurumi was history of fight with the Tsurumi River. In late years dike is set, too, and we act violently, and feature of river is disappearing, too. In the early modern times, land along a river did well by ship luck of the Tsurumi River and propered in people who came and went in Tokaido, and fishery was prosperous, too. When the Meiji era began, the name was known nationwide as special product place of foreign vegetables, and seaweed breeding came to be performed, too.

On the other hand, inning advances in seaside part, and factory of large company on behalf of Japan advances and greatly developed as the core of Keihin industrial area, but approach to reactivation is performed while in late years switch of industrial structure of our country advances.

Emblems of Tsurumi Ward

Emblems of Tsurumi Ward
EmblemWe treated T of Y and Tsurumi Ward of Yokohama
We imaged "anchor (anchor) of ship".
As for the color marine blue the sea, yellow green
We symbolize rich green.
SageIs flower of red image, of industrial town Tsurumi
Reflecting the image of red flame and energy,
Warm town where the welfare was further careful to
Because it is flower to image.
Tsurumi Ward emblem
(February 14, 1991 establishment)
Flower sage of inhabitant of a ward
(November 15, 1991 establishment)
Crape myrtle"Tree producing beautiful flower" "bloom of flower
Period is long, "it is easy, management is public tree, too
Do this, and is easy to use; for reasons of
Was chosen by tree of ward.
WakkunWith face of crocodile showing form of Tsurumi Ward,
Powerful image of "industrial town, Tsurumi"
Because it is good.
For more details, to "room of wakkun"
Tree crape myrtle of ward
(October 4, 1997 establishment)
Mascot wakkun
(mascot which made crocodile character)

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