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PR box setting place

Last update date January 23, 2019

Yokohama-shi PR box is installed in station or public institution and can obtain public information Yokohama Tsurumi Ward version or brochure of Yokohama-shi issuance.
Setting place of the ward (some Kohoku Ward) is as follows. Please use.

Setting place in Yokohama-shi PR box Tsurumi Ward

List of PR boxes
Setting placeThe location
StationJR Tsurumi Station (only in public information Yokohama)1-1-1, Tsurumichuuo
KeikyuTsurumi Ichiba Station7-1, Ichibayamatocho
Keikyu-Tsurumi Station1-30-22, Tsurumichuuo
Keikyu Kagetsuen-mae Station5-1-3, Namamugi
Keikyu Namamugi Station3-1-35, Namamugi
JR Yako Station6-5-6, Yakou
JR Shitte Station3-107, Minamisaiwaicho, Saiwai-ku, Kawasaki-shi
Tokyu Kikuna Station7-1-1, Kikuna, Kouhoku-ku
Public facilitiesThe first floor of the ward office hall3-20-1, Tsurumichuuo
Local child care support base wakkunhiroba38-4, Toyookacho
Local child care support base wakkunhiroba satelliteThe first floor of 1-4-51, Shitte
Tsurumi public hall2-1, Toyookacho fugue 1 the sixth floor
Tsurumi library2-10-7, Tsurumichuuo
Tsurumi sports centerFormer shrine 2-5-1
Komaoka district center4-28-5, Komaoka
Terao district centerRiding ground 4-39-1
Namamugi district center4-6-37, Namamugi
Shiota district center4-171-23, Honchodori
Sueyoshi district center2-16-16, Kamisueyoshi
Yako district center4-32-11, Yakou
Shiota Park community house2-71-2, Mukaicho Shiota Park
Generous politics junior high school community house23-1, Kanseicho
Market Elementary School community houseFormer shrine 1-13-1
Upper Terao Elementary School community houseRiding ground 3-21-21
New Tsurumi Elementary School community house2-1, Egasakicho
Tsurumichuuo community house1-31-2, Tsurumichuuo 214 sea the second floor of Crane
Morooka community house700, Morookacho, Kouhoku-ku toressa Yokohama south the third floor of the ridge
Terao community care plaza6-37-14, Higashiterao
Higashiterao community care plaza1-12-3, Higashiterao
Tsurumiichiba community care plaza11-5, Ichibashimocho
Yako community care plaza4-32-11, Yakou
Tsurumichuuo community care plazaThe second floor of 1-23-26, Tsurumichuuo
Riding ground community care plazaRiding ground 7-11-23
Tsurumi Station West Exit service counter in the city hall2-20, Toyookacho
fureyuSuehirocho 1-15-2
Tsurumi inhabitant of a ward Cultural Center1-31-2, Tsurumichuuo 214 sea Crane
Baba Kaboku-en GardenRiding ground 2-20-1
Yokohama Station service counter in the city hall2-25-5, Takashima, Nishi-ku
OthersKomaoka, Yokohama post office2-1-13, Komaoka
Tsurumi post office3-22-1, Tsurumichuuo
2, Higashiterao, Yokohama post office2-4-27, Higashiterao
Kitaterao, Yokohama post office7-9-1, Kitaterao
Bank of Yokohama Tsurumi Branch1-29-1, Tsurumichuuo
The Bank of Yokohama Tsurumi West Exit branch18-1, Toyookacho
Yokohama Shinkin Bank Tsurumi Branch30-24, Toyookacho
The Yokohama Shinkin Bank Tsurumi Station East Exit branch1-2-1, Tsurumichuuo
Yokohama Shinkin Bank market Branch1-25, Ichibayamatocho
Yokohama Shinkin Bank Shiota BranchAuthority of relation 1-55
The Yokohama Shinkin Bank Sueyoshi branch2-3-5, Kamisueyoshi
The Yokohama Shinkin Bank Namamugi branch3-2-3, Namamugi
Yokohama Shinkin Bank Baba Branch1-3-15, Higashiterao
Yokohama Shinkin Bank Komaoka Branch4-23-20, Komaoka
Workers' credit union Tsurumi Branch4-37-37, Tsurumichuuo
Jonan Shinkin Bank Tsurumi Branch19-5, Tsukunocho
Seiyu Tsurumi shop2-1, Toyookacho
Maruetsu Asahi-machi store2-98, Asahicho
Maruetsu Kagetsuen store5-8-45, Namamugi
Information building of house Cafe Tsurumi west nice house giving up21-11, Toyookacho Bay Hill Tsurumi the first floor of Toyooka
Information building of house Cafe Tsurumi east nice house giving up1-26-1, Tsurumichuuo Yokohama Urban the first floor of the building
Information building of house Cafe Higashiterao nice house to go to1-4-14, Higashiterao Grand the first floor of Chariot
Misono Park "Yokomizo mansion"3-10-2, Shishigaya

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