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Child care support

Last update date July 17, 2020

[resumption] Child care support project

For extended prevention of coronavirus infectious disease new in Yokohama-shi,

We stopped child care support project, oyobiwakkunhiroba (area child care support base) partly,

We restarted wakkunhirobano administration after having taken preventive measures against infection.

About the details, please confirm the following homepage.

About child care support project, we will reopen sequentially from ready venue.

About the situation of resumption, please confirm the following homepage.

Child care support project

At imminent place where children gather, supporter who is senior mom of child care performs slight consultation and information exchange.
As you become absent on closing Sundays and holidays of venue, please confirm.
As resumption time and point to keep in mind on using may vary according to venues,
You confirm the following contents by all means and are careful about the infection prevention, and please participate.
If there are question, consultation, please refer over telephone casually.
It is as follows about the resumption situation.
The child care supporter venue resumption situation (PDF: 130KB)

[common throughout all facilities] Wanting you to be careful in the use

  • Wearing (except under 3 years old) of mask
  • I would like cooperation of hand-washing with soap before room entrance or finger disinfection.
  • When physical condition such as a cold symptoms (fever, a cough, sore throat) is poor, please refrain from participation.
  • Set a limit to the number of participants to avoid infection risk, time shortening enter, and perform substitute systems. In addition, please confirm "the child care supporter venue resumption situation" mentioned above as belongings such as slippers may be necessary by venue.
  • When it reaches the upper limit capacity, you may not participate.
  • We may call from using long time to have many people use.
  • For the situation grasp when infection was confirmed by person concerned with facility, we may ask for "protector full name" and mention of "contact information" in participation.

Child care group support

Supporter goes to activity place of child care group and advises to be able to do group activity happily.

With local people, parent and child during child care can be relieved, and "place to stay of parent and child" is "gathering place of parent and child" where there are chattering and the making of friend.
Contents, the date: It varies by each place to stay. Please refer directly.
Is together; to furattorumuno details page (the outside site) (is wakkunhirobano homepage)

The protector plays with child before attendance at school, and area child care support base is facility free, to be able to use after the use registration at base of child care support to perform offer of interchanging space, child care consultation, offer of child care information.

In addition, we carry out workshops for person concerned with child care support in area.

For details, please click wakkunhirobano homepage (the outside site).

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Tsurumi Ward Health and Welfare Center Children and Families Support Division

Telephone: 045-510-1850

Telephone: 045-510-1850

Fax: 045-510-1887

E-Mail address [email protected]

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