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To prevent heat stroke!

Last update date November 6, 2018

To prevent heat stroke

As for the outbreak of heat stroke, from July to August become peak. We understand heat stroke definitely, and let's try for the prevention.

◆Yokohama-shi heat stroke measures

○Heat stroke prevention leaflet
To prevent Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare pdf formatheat stroke

○Heat stroke environmental health manual, heat stroke prevention leaflet, heat index (WBGT) forecast others
◆Ministry of the Environment heat stroke information (the outside site)
Heat stroke prevention information site (the outside site)

○Weather forecast, weather information, abnormal weather early warning information others
◆We are careful about the Meteorological Agency heat stroke (the outside site)
Abnormal weather early warning information (the outside site)

○Information about heat stroke disabled first aid conveyance in the whole country
◆The Fire and Disaster Management Agency heat stroke information (the outside site)

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