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Is together 2019; to reading lecture "place to be born of story" elected candidates

Last update date February 21, 2020

Basic information

Event name

Is together; reading lecture "place to be born of story"

Event summary

[that we deal with ※ participation ask]
Of February 23 (Sunday/Holiday) will hold on schedule as is together, and told elected candidates about reading lecture "place to be born of story" the other day.
But besides I would like cooperation as follows to prevent spread and infection spread of new coronavirus infectious disease on participating.

①When physical condition including case that symptom of cold such as fever is seen in is poor, please refrain from participation.
②Please wear mask as much as possible.
③As you will prepare antiseptic solution in venue, please use by all means.

We are very sorry to trouble elected candidates, but would appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

The date

February 23, 2020

The date and time details

February 23, 2020 (Sunday/Holiday)
From 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 (the opening: at 1:30 p.m.)
Lecture by writer Eiko Sumino.
Please talk about writing and fictionization, thing feeling every day.

Holding area

Tsurumi Ward

The held place details

Tsurumi University Hall main hall (3-18, Toyookacho, Tsurumi-ku)

Participation method

[the end of ※ application receptionist]

Application is detailed

Application acceptance was finished.
We have already told person proposed to about result of lottery by Wednesday, February 12.
I am sorry to trouble you, but please inform of notice iteinaiha as follows.
Tsurumi Ward Regional Promotion Division "reading lecture" charge


Free of charge

Eligible people

The public
※Contents are products for adults.


Tsurumi library, Tsurumi Ward government office

The cosponsorship, support

Cooperation: Tsurumi University

We wait for application!

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