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Is together; child care, unit breeding forum

Last update date October 29, 2019

The 19th copulates; child care, unit breeding forum

Children are spiritually rich in good health, and, for the purpose of pushing forward community development brought up, group and inhabitant of a ward volunteers engaged in child care support and youth development in Tsurumi Ward gather in a hall and hold event and lecture to be able to enjoy in parent and child.

The event details

●The holding date and time: Sunday, November 24, 2019 10:00-16:00
●Place: Tsurumi public hall (Tsurumi Station West Exit, fugue 1, 6, the seventh floor)

●Sponsorship: Is together; child care, the unit breeding forum governing board
●Participation group: Association of Tsurumi Ward self-government society, Tsurumi Ward Council of Social Welfare
Tsurumi Ward young people instructor meeting, Tsurumi Ward local welfare officer children's committee meeting, Tsurumi Ward chief children's committee Network
Member of Tsurumi Ward boy guidance Network, Tsurumi Ward rebirth protection woman society, Tsurumi Ward child upbringing society contact meeting
Tsurumi Ward area child care support base "wakkunhiroba", it is Tsurumi Ward PTA contact meeting, Tsurumi Ward childcare volunteer Network
Tsurumi Ward After-School Care Program Clubs (Schoolchildren's Day Care), Tsurumi Ward child care education round-table conference, Tsurumi, Yokohama-shi library
As for public nursery school in Tsurumi Ward, brightness club Tsurumi (golden age club), the Tsurumi Ward eating habits, it is member of improvement promotion society
Yokohama came; training fair "fair of angel" local parent and child Theater, meeting "chick society" of intellectual child with a disability person parent
Theatrical company "pocket", picture-story show string tortoise seat, tone seat copulate "2+α"; play park, green project, NPO corporation third place to catch
Tsurumi Kendama club, island of play, crane native shop, meeting which is together, and makes ❝ mamappu ❞, Tsurumi Ward child care supporter,
Inhabitant of a ward lecturer, inhabitant of a ward volunteer
●The cosponsorship: Tsurumi Ward government office

Is together; child care unit breeding forum flyer
The 19th copulates; child care unit breeding forum flyer

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