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We establish meeting of Yokohama City Council member of the Diet letting Rugby World Cup 2019 succeed

Last update date March 11, 2019

On Friday, September 25, "meeting of Yokohama City Council member of the Diet who let Rugby World Cup 2019 succeed" was established. This meeting is aimed for approach promotion to heap up the meeting time when research and assembly, citizen, administration about meeting administration of large-scale sports became as one for success of Rugby World Cup 2019.
We invite Shoji Numata of Yokohama-shi rugby football association's chairperson, Takafumi Yamaha of Rugby World Cup 2019 meet Organizing Committee and hold establishment general meeting on that day. We had lecture from Yamaha about fiscal structure accompanied with economic effect and holding in Rugby World Cup holding.

Image of Chairperson Kajimura (the chairperson) greetings
Chairperson Kajimura (the chairperson) greetings

Association of Numata rugby's chairperson greetings
Numata Yokohama-shi rugby football association's chairperson greetings

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