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We held member of the Diet workshop

Last update date August 14, 2018

Under the theme of "problem and the prospects of local construction", we greeted Tetsuro Suemune of the Cabinet Secretariat Councillor, Cabinet Secretariat to lecturer and held member of the Diet workshop.
On opening, from the KAJIMURA Mitsuru Yokohama City Council chairperson "must overcome the very hard times such as declining birthrate, super aging in Yokohama. We grasped about measure or approach of country to realize "Yokohama-shi Middle four years plan" to aim for 2025 steadily, and there were greetings, it was necessary to deepen understanding.
Afterwards, we waited, and, from Suemune, people, job construction basic policy 2015, information had lecture from point with utilization of human bailout, five of development, practice of out-of-town edition broad strategic view "broad strategic view" the need of local construction, "long-term vision" of country.

Image of the chairperson greetings
The chairperson greetings

Image of state of lecture
State of lecture

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