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We decide design of City Counsil poster by open call for participants! We held commendation ceremony

Last update date August 14, 2018

We make poster of regular assembly to have citizen's everybody deepen interest in City Counsil in Yokohama City Council.
We raised poster designs from student, student of university which majored in design in the city and technical school, and adoption of 4 works was decided. We held commendation ceremony on Friday, August 29, and certificate of merit was given four people who designed, and were employed by Chairperson Hirofumi Sato.
In addition, we put City Counsil posters together at time of regular assembly and are posted on each site in city.

Image of four people that poster design was adopted
Four people that poster design was adopted

Image with poster which we designed
With poster which we designed

Image of taking a ceremonial photograph 1
Taking a ceremonial photograph 1

Image of taking a ceremonial photograph 2
Taking a ceremonial photograph 2

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