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We had you donate mask from Taiwan

Last update date May 13, 2020

We had Yokohama-shi donate 10,000 pieces of masks from all of the overseas Chinese groups (association of firm general meeting in Japan in Taiwan, world association of ethnic Chinese industry and commerce women plan pipe Japan chapter and meeting of sekihigashi*seitokutomo) through daikitachunichikeisumibunkadaihyotokoyokohamafuntoko on Thursday, April 30, 2020. Chairperson Masato Yokoyama, Vice Chairperson Koichi Yatabe, Vice Chairperson Hiroto Kato, Secretary General Noriaki Komatsu attended the ceremony of donation of the same day from federation of diet members for sun friendship Yokohama City Council, too. Mask is utilized in person with a disability facility in the city.

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