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The Republic of Tunisia erumi ambassador visits Yokohama City Council

Last update date October 23, 2019

On Monday, October 21, Yokohama City Council was visited Mohammed erumi ambassadors of the Republic of Tunisia and was met Chairperson Masato Yokoyama, Vice Chairperson Naoki Furukawa of federation of diet members for Japanese African friendship Yokohama City Council and Takumi Watanabe religion Deputy Mayor.
Yokohama-shi is registered as host town of the Republic of Tunisia in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics Paralympics. In addition, three schools in the city interchange in "one one country with Africa" learning in the elementary and junior high school in Yokohama-shi about culture and history, life of each African country, and the Republic of Tunisia is Yokohama-shi and one of the deep countries of relations.
Replica of mosaic image was presented to the last of meeting as the Republic of Tunisia and proof of friendship with Yokohama-shi.

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