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The member of Takao city assembly in Taiwan meets with Chairperson Morizoe and others with Chairperson Matsumoto

Last update date March 11, 2019

Yokohama City Council was visited, and, on Wednesday, November 15, member of city assembly Takao including the **nari (result to say in this way) chairperson met with the MATSUMOTO Ken chairperson and Vice Chairperson Toshiaki Mori (federation of diet members for sun friendship Yokohama City Council's chairperson) and others councilor, and exchange of opinions was done about promotion of interchange of both councils.
In addition, after explanation of "fourth level every other day style summit in Takao" held in July of the next year, notice was given Chairperson Matsumoto by Chairperson Yasushi.
Deepen, and mutual understanding is held for the purpose of contributing to exchange promotion in each city every year from 2016, and this summit is held through Japan and wide interchange of Taiwanese public and private sectors for the first time in Taiwan in the assembly of local governments of the whole country in the fourth and the next year when it is.

Image of state of meeting
State of meeting

Image of state of meeting
State of meeting

Image of souvenir picture in City Counsil
Souvenir picture in City Counsil

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