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Bookmark of City Counsil

Last update date March 3, 2020

We place information such as job, constitution or member of the Diet list of City Counsil with brochure which we commented on clearly about assembly and distribute "bookmark of City Counsil" at the first floor of the city hall citizen information center, ward office Public Relations Section, the first floor of the Yokohama City Council reception desk.
In addition, you can see contents of brochure with PDF file in this page.

All pages version
All pagesAll pages (PDF: 6,787KB) for July, 2019 issuance
It is for the division
CoverCover (PDF: 410KB)
Table of contents, P1 - 5Table of contents, work of City Counsil, constitution (member of the Diet) of City Counsil (PDF: 928KB)
P6 - 11Constitution of City Counsil, administration (regular assembly and extraordinary session of a local assembly, plenary session) of City Counsil (PDF: 1,178KB)
P12 - 17Administration (PDF: 1,108KB) of City Counsil
P18 - 23Administration (principle of meeting), citizen and City Counsil (PDF: 1,353KB) of City Counsil
P24 - 37Councilor list, City Counsil ridge outskirts guide map, guide map (PDF: 1,848KB) in City Counsil ridge

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