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The chairperson greetings

Last update date February 1, 2020

The chairperson
Yokohama City Council chairperson YOKOYAMA Masato

It is YOKOYAMA Masato of the Yokohama City Council 50th chairperson.
You see our homepage, and thank you very much.

The name of an era changed from Heisei to the Reiwa period, and curtain of the new times opened out. 2019 is year to reach the Yokohama opening of a port 160th anniversary, the Yokohama municipal administration 130th anniversary.
In year of such a knot, the seventh Tokyo International Conference on African Development, final of Rugby World Cup 2019™ are held in Yokohama. In the next year, world attention gathers with the Tokyo 2020 Olympics Paralympics near at hand. We fully show hospitality that Yokohama has and want to tie to success of international event.

Our country is facing problem to affect the basis of social economy called low birthrate and aging and population decline now. Support to medium and small-sized business and mall, company invitation, activation of Yokohama economy including promotion of sightseeing, MICE become essential while arresting society economy turn of eventss to surround Yokohama to have citizen's all of you live in Yokohama forever.

Assembly shows enough monitoring for administration and evaluation and function to be concerned with policy making while we did it this way and will act for the reinforcement. In addition, we are trusted at the same time by citizen's all of you and aim at the making of assembly felt closer.
As we will work on history and fair as the chairperson of classic Yokohama City Council and smooth assembly administration for realization of a certain vitality Yokohama that citizen's all of you can have hope toward in the future with every effort, your it would be highly appreciated.

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