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Seya inhabitant of a ward activity center latest information

Last update date June 1, 2020

About the opening of Seya inhabitant of a ward activity center accompanied with cancellation of new coronavirus infectious disease emergency declaration

News (May 26, 2020 update) of facility reopening day

With "new coronavirus infectious disease emergency declaration" cancellation, we will be opened on Monday, June 1 after having changed some number of people as follows.
In addition, we would appreciate your coming by mask wearing and the minimum number of people on visit.
[point that we changed partly]
1.Limit of constant number of meeting room, joint ownership meeting room
  Meeting room 1: 12 capacity
  Meeting room 2: Eight capacity
  Joint ownership meeting room: 12 capacity
2.Print corner 
※It needs reservations in advance and can use based on constant condition. When reservation is necessary, please contact over telephone beforehand.

Announcement of period extension such as facility rental stops (May 7, 2020 update)

For new coronavirus infectious disease extended prevention, we will extend suspension period of facility rental.
In addition, we do print corner and machine parts rental with stop.
In addition, we talk and conduct affairs with telephone, E-mail, FAX.
I would like understanding, cooperation.
[suspension period] Until Sunday, May 31, 2020
[stop rental facility] Meeting room, meeting room, print corner
[rental of machine parts] It is not available

It is announcement of cancellation postponement such as events

About next event, meeting that planned holding, it should be postponement or cancellation for extended prevention of new coronavirus infectious disease. I would like understanding and cooperation.

Event, meeting that becomes postponement, cancellation
 Fixture, periodScheduled postponement date, period      NameDetails

Friday, April 17, 2020

Friday, October 2, 2020Lunch dokiibento, seyaProgram: Chorus & brain tray
PostponementFriday, May 15, 2020Friday, March 5, 2021

Lunch dokiibento, seya

Program: Duet & piano for women
PostponementSunday, June 14, 2020Sunday, December 13, 2020ma - nabi courseWe discover oneself axis! Personal color
CancellationUntil Sunday, May 31, 2020Ward live mini-gallery

Display: sumisho, a-tifisharufurawabuke, decoupage
※During closing period of our center, we cancel holding

Cancellation2020 June 1 and 8 Mondayma - nabi courseIt is hula casually close
CancellationFriday, June 19, 2020Lunch dokiibento, seyaProgram: Seya sumo lively folk song society


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