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Special dish store of Seya Ward takeout & delivery Seya

We introduce special dish authorization store of Seya performing takeout (take-out), delivery (delivery to home, home delivery of cooked foods). You use for prevention of infection spread of new coronavirus, and I would like support of shop. We update information sequentially. ※When you use takeout, we avoid peak time as much as possible, and I would like invention such as wearing mask.                                                                             "Special dish of Seya" introduction is this

Last update date June 12, 2020

Meat & delicatessen iihara Iibaru butcher's shop (Iibaru butcher's shop)

[we can cope] Takeout delivery
[genre] Lunch
[Address] 4-11-17, Seya, Seya-ku
Phone number 045-301-0298
[regular holiday] On Thursday
[delivery, delivery charges] There are 00 (LO13: 30) delivery to home menus in 00~14 11. There is delivery to home price setting on homepage. After 14:00 in home delivery of cooked foods building site. (price follows home delivery of cooked foods building site.)
[recommended menu]
* Croquette lunch (croquette, menchi katsu) 590 yen
* Deep-fried chicken lunch 670 yen
* Pork ginger-flavored fried foods lunch 670 yen
* A, B, S lunch 650 yen ~ 
※In addition, please confirm on telephone, homepage.
[PR] Delicious side dish, lunch which butcher shop makes
[URL] Iibaru butcher's shop homepage (the outside site)

One and closed restaurant

[we can cope] Takeout
[genre] Japanese dishes
[Address] 15-6, Mitsukyo, Seya-ku
Phone number 045-363-0153
[regular holiday] Sundays and holidays
[offer time, day] During 11:30-14:00, 17:00-21:00, from Monday to Saturday
[recommended menu]
* Today's seafood bowl 750 yen ※Only takeout is at this price.
[PR] We will send seasonal fish to all of you. We accept sashimi assortment depending on the number of people, budget.


[we can cope] Takeout
[genre] Western dishes
[Address] 3-27-2, Hongo, Seya-ku uoshimbiru 2F
Phone number 045-301-1186
[regular holiday] On Monday
[offer time, day] 11:30-14:00, 17:30-20:00
[PR] Reference give menu page of "grand menu" of homepage. I can hand takeout when you order beforehand using 30 minutes ago as an indication without keeping waiting. As it may be out of stock, I would like confirmation on the telephone.
[URL] risutorantedodichiaposutorihomupeji (the outside site)

Delicatessen studio Yokohama

[we can cope] Takeout
[genre] Lunch, meat product
[Address] 2-3-16, Minamiseya, Seya-ku
Phone number 045-301-8486
[regular holiday] Month, Sundays and holidays
[offer time, day] 10:00-18:00
[PR] All the raw materials meat is use of domestic production. Rice uses Koshihikari from Ibaraki. Basic goods from 518 yen. In addition, I make lunch, hors d'oeuvre by request of customer.

Cake studio Keimin

[we can cope] Takeout delivery (delivery to home)
[genre] Western confectionery
[Address] 2-37-19, Akuwahigashi, Seya-ku
Phone number 090-5564-4285
[regular holiday] On Wednesday
[offer time, day] 9:00-18:00
[delivery, delivery charges] Kanto area cold storage service 1,150 yen
[main menu]
* kabochachizu (1 hall) 3,024 yen (tax-included) ※10% of consumption tax rate becomes application from July and are 3,080 yen.
[message from shop] For custom tailoring shop, I would like visit after we order beforehand.
[URL] Cake studio Keimin homepage (the outside site)
[SNS] Instagram @ keiminsweets (the outside site)

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