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[cancellation] SAKAE young people Festival

Last update date February 26, 2020

Announcement of SAKAE young people Festival 2020 cancellation

We will cancel this event planned on Sunday, March 15, 2020 in consideration of health hazards of visitors by spread and infection spread of new coronavirus infectious disease and participant. We would appreciate your understanding.

It is ... with SAKAE young people Festival

As for the SAKAE young people Festival, it is got close to Sakae Ward young people instructor meeting by nickname of "Jan festival" in business held from March, 1991 by the cosponsorship of Sakae Ward government office to deepen young healthy upbringing in ward and local interchange.

Junior high student and local adults in ward perform sponsorship by collaboration from plan to administration of the day around stage and refreshment stand in SAKAE young people Festival executive committee (control: Sakae Ward young people instructor meeting).

We have a large number of people see station users in Hongodai station square which is venue.

Young people Festival photograph 1

Young people Festival photograph 2

Young people Festival photograph 3

★Please see this about SAKAE young people Festival 2020★

Poster (image: 179KB)

Program (during making)

Ayumi (extract) of SAKAE young people Festival

  • March, 1991: We hold the first young people Festival in venue at Sakae Ward government office. Catch phrase at that time "all the primary and secondary students set of Sakae Ward." In addition to rekureshongemu, refreshment stand, handmade corner, juvenile culture classroom exhibition to continue in now, ocarina concert, firefighting musical band, port angel, performance of Hongo junior high school brass band were performed.
  • March, 1994: We move venue to Hongo Junior High School and are held.
  • March, 1998: We return venue to Sakae Ward government office and we use public hall, sports center and are held. From this time, participation of junior high student began in earnest from plan stage.
  • March, 2002: We move venue in front of Hongodai Station and are held under the theme of support of World Cup soccer. (after that venue becomes in front of Hongodai Station.)
  • March, 2004: Junior high student participates in the headquarters staff as officer for the first time. In addition, we began open call for participants of PR poster for junior high student.
  • March, 2005: Yamate academy Junior High School participates in stage for the first time.
  • March, 2006: A lot of company support of the station square malls joined from this time. In Sakae-mura, Nagano snow damage donation put for the snow damage of Sakae-mura, Nagano by inhabitant of a ward, we performed the presentation ceremony from alliance Chairperson Machiuchi and Mayor Sakae to the mayor of Sakaemura of Takahashi.
  • March, 2007: Participation particularly first Hongo refreshment stand of support school. As guest, stage participation of junior high student of Doshi-mura, Yamanashi was added especially, too.
  • March, 2009: We carry out as business of the 150th anniversary of the Yokohama opening of a port under the theme of "friend Port". "tanemaru rushed to support, too".
  • March, 2010: As special guest of the 20th memory, woman Duo "Bloom" and robot dancer "TaQno" came up.
  • March, 2011: Under the influence of the Great East Japan Earthquake, is the first in Jan Fez; was called off. For the Great East Japan Earthquake and earthquake disaster damage of Sakae-mura, Nagano, we worked on the fund-raising instead.
  • March, 2012: People of Sakae-mura, Nagano participated this time, too, and Sakaemura product exhibition was prosperous, too.
  • March, 2013: On Jan festival and the same day, "Sakae Ward junior high school interschool competition relay road race meeting" was held for the first time.
  • March, 2014: "sakae child exercises" in commemoration of the safe community certification of Sakae Ward were performed publicly.
  • March, 2015: Shodo Junior High School acted as large chicken as the last performance before unification.
  • March, 2016: We memorialized the constituency system 30th anniversary and carried out "thanks, connection, dream" as theme.
  • March, 2017: We carried out as the first day of business closing event of the 30th anniversary of the constituency system.
  • March, 2018: By having transferred exhibition booth of park venue to open space, a sense of unity increased and showed upsurge that was in usual.

Each generation poster (the past five years)

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