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Recruitment of citizen of the 45th Nishi Ward Festival stage appearance groups! ※Offer this year was finished. Thank you for your much application.

It recruits appearance groups of stages on carrying out "citizen of Nishi Ward festival" for the purpose of widening ring of contact while inhabitants of a ward spends autumn day happily. (by the approach situation of extended prevention of ※ new model coronavirus infectious disease, held contents may be changed.)

Last update date June 16, 2020

About inhabitant of a ward Festival of this year, we may change cancellation or holding contents on the basis of the correspondence situation for extended prevention of new coronavirus infectious disease. When change occurred from this offer essential point, we contact by mail toward the representative. In addition, we publish in homepage of Nishi Ward.

Recruitment of stage appearance groups!

The citizen of Nishi Ward Festival holding date and time, venue

  1. Date
    Sunday, November 8, 2020 from 10:00 to 14:30
    (shoameketsuko, stormy weather cancellation)
  2. Venue
    Stage (about 9m in width X about 7m in depth) in Tobe Koen

 ☆We carry out shoameketsukoji on stage (there is not rain-cover) in Tobe Koen.
  Please list in participation application whether you hope for appearance in shoameketsukoji.

Offer contents

Dance, drama, instrumental music, chorus, demonstration of around ten minutes (including preparations, withdrawal)

Condition of application

  1. Correspond to next a or i.
    Oh, "half of members or more being groups of citizens of Nishi Ward" (residence, attendance at school and working).
    i being "group which assumes the Nishi Ward one of base."
    ☆Oh, we propose in individuals with i and cannot have.
    ☆When time when you wish to appear all-out of application group exceeds appearance frame, we give priority to group of a.
  2. As we make with inhabitants of a ward, and citizen of Nishi Ward Festival stage is stage to heap up, not only you appear, but also be concerned with administration of stage. (as for the introduction method of order of appearance and appearance group, before and after appearance to talk with about, and to decide of, e.g., support other groups in seat)
  3. You are political, and do not carry out a religious or profit-making activity.


  1. Of machine parts, for carrying, can ride car in Tobe Koen, but there is limit of time (application is necessary after stage administration meeting). In addition, there is no parking lot.
  2. There is no rehearsal. Please perform preparations, tidying up in each group.
  3. Executive committee prepares about microphone, the microphone stands, pin microphone, long desk, pipe chair. When we bring in equipment without mention in each group, please consult until charge at the time of application.
    When I use equipment without getting approval, I have you cancel program on the spot and decline appearance after the next fiscal year.
  4. For smooth progress of the day, please make arrangements with sound facilities charge company depending on program (October plan). Target groups will tell later (when they hope from group, please consult with the secretariat).
  5. In addition, cases that false application not to follow rule included may decline appearance.
  6. Please protect by all means about appearance time of each group. When you exceed appearance time, please note that you may ask for interruption of program.

Application period

From Monday, June 1, 2020 to Monday, June 15 (must arrive)

Application method

You fill in required items on branch application, and please submit in ① mail, ② FAX, ③ E-mail, ④ bringing either. (please examine submission except bringing to avoid congestion at ※ window)


Citizen of Nishi Ward Festival executive committee secretariat "stage charge"
(1-5-10, Chuo, Nishi-ku, Yokohama-shi Nishi Ward Office Regional Promotion Division)
Telephone 320-8386
Fax 322-5063
E-mail [email protected]

About stage administration meeting

We carry out stage administration meeting to talk about orders of appearnce. I would like attendance of acting representative of appearance application group or representative. (as for the person who is poor in physical condition, please refrain from attendance after contact beforehand in the secretariat.)
※ As held guide of stage administration meeting does not send, group where we submitted appearance application to come to venue directly on the day of the meeting.
☆In the case of a lot of application, we decide appearance group by lotteries in stage administration meeting.


Wednesday, August 12, 2020 16:00 ...
(we would like punctuality)


Nishi Ward Office the third floor 3B meeting room

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Telephone: 045-320-8389

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