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Recruitment of citizen of the 45th Nishi Ward Festival "open space of living" branch groups! ※Offer this year was finished. Thank you for your much application.

It recruits exhibition groups with carrying out "citizen of Nishi Ward festival" for the purpose of widening ring of contact while inhabitants of a ward spends autumn day happily. (by the approach situation of extended prevention of ※ new model coronavirus infectious disease, held contents may be changed.)

Last update date June 16, 2020

About inhabitant of a ward Festival of this year, we may change cancellation or holding contents on the basis of the correspondence situation for extended prevention of new coronavirus infectious disease. When change occurred from this offer essential point, we contact by mail toward the representative. In addition, we publish in homepage of Nishi Ward.

Recruitment of "open space of living" branch groups!

The citizen of Nishi Ward Festival holding date and time, venue

  1. Date
    Sunday, November 8, 2020 from 10:00 to 14:30
    (shoameketsuko, stormy weather cancellation)
  2. Venue
    Tobe Koen, Nisimae Elementary School


  1. Non profit organization which assumes the Nishi Ward one of base
  2. Non profit organization which provides public service in Nishi Ward
  3. Group of mall, trade associations organized in store, company in Nishi Ward and them
  4. Government offices in Nishi Ward

☆"Non profit organization" means group where main activity purpose of group is not commercial purpose.
☆Acts such as political and religious activities in venue are not possible.
☆Person concerned with gang cannot open a store.

Offer contents

  1. Offer division number
    We plan about 100 divisions (the Tobe Koen)
  2. Division contents
    3.6m in width *2.7m
    (we include tent 1, desk two (0.45m *1.8m, cross) and chair three pieces belonging to)
    ・It is optional and can add desk, chair, panel (0.9m *1.8m) (pay. We need application at the time of application)
    ・We supply electricity. (free. Please note that you may do tent with neighboring placement to all of the groups where application required ※ power supply is used for at the time of application.)
    ・Channel Exit in Tobe Koen is available together. (free)
  3. Application division number
    In 1 group, we can apply to 2 divisions. But we will adjust in citizen of Nishi Ward Festival executive committee when application division numbers exceed offer division number.
  4. Branch contents
    Sale such as food and drink, event to be able to enjoy with visitors and activity introduction or PR of group.

Branch charges

I would like burdens such as branch charges as the machine parts fee for use.

  1. Rate
    ・Branch charges: 8,000 yen/ward image (in the group of mall, trade associations which but are organized in store, company in Nishi Ward and them 12,000 yen/ward image)
    ・Optional rate: Desk 650 yen/, chair 300 yen/, panel 1,500 yen/piece (we need application at the time of application)
  2. Payment
    I hand bill by participation group briefing session (later description) to hold on Thursday, August 20.
    ・Payment period: It is ... Friday, September 4 after participation group briefing session
    ・Payment method: ①We bring cash to the secretariat (as change is not paid, please offer.) ②Account transfer (please bear transfer fee)


  1. Because congestion is expected, vehicle which we can carry in to venue is to one 1 group (we need application after participation group briefing session). During inhabitant of a ward Festival holding time of vehicle to venue cannot penetrate. There is no parking lot.
  2. Tent, carry-on of machine parts except generator are possible, but please perform management of machine parts brought in by responsibility of each group. Executive committee does not bear responsibility of compensation by any chance even if accidents such as loss or theft occur.
  3. Please take all the garbage occurring in each booth home.
  4. When you use fire, please prepare for fire extinguisher (10 type size) one in 1 branch. (fire extinguisher performs rental (pay) on report at the secretariat.)
  5. When you offer food and drink, you observe the next matter, and please obey instruction. When we do not obey the observance matter and instruction, cooking sale of food may not be possible.
  • You observe Mikata wall of tent, and cook in tent.
  • Do not use cooking and ingredients which took a lower step at sale and home of thing which you cooked at home.
  • When you sell food which you packed any place other than the field, receive confirmation of Health Sanitation Division beforehand as appropriate indication based on food notation is necessary.

Application period

From Monday, June 1, 2020 to Monday, June 15 (must arrive)

Application method

You fill in required items on branch application, and please submit in ① mail, ② FAX, ③ E-mail, ④ bringing either. (please examine submission except bringing to avoid congestion at ※ window)


The citizen of Nishi Ward Festival executive committee secretariat
The location: 〒 220-0051 1-5-10, Chuo, Nishi-ku, Yokohama-shi (the Nishi Ward Office Regional Promotion Division)
Telephone: 320-8386
FAX: 322-5063
E-mail: [email protected]


Based on application contents, we decide person from branch and zoning in citizen of Nishi Ward Festival executive committee. We announce in ① Nishi Ward homepage, ② Nishi Ward Office Regional Promotion Division (the fourth-floor 47th window) about result from Tuesday, August 11.

Holding of participation group briefing session

As you hold briefing session in the next schedule, please attend. (as for the person who is poor in physical condition, please refrain from attendance after contact beforehand in the secretariat.)
※"3 is dense" and we divide briefing session into twice and carry out for evasion this time. We notify of distribution some other time in the beginning of August.
※As seating capacity of venue is limited, participant would like one principle.
※There is no parking lot.


Thursday, August 20, 2020
The first 9:00 ..., the second 10:30 ... (each around one hour)


Nishi Ward Office the third floor 3A, 3B meeting room

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