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Communication (September 5, 2020) to establish in this

The fifth district youth volunteer swearing-in ceremony was held

Last update date September 23, 2020

For new coronavirus infectious disease extended prevention, cancellation such as event, meeting in each area continued, but gain the favor, and local activity reopens new lifestyle in Nishi Ward little by little.

On Saturday, September 5, the youth volunteer swearing-in ceremony of the fifth district was held in the west public hall.
Usual was announcement on stage of "the fifth district enjoying the cool breeze Festival" held in the west public hall in around July, but only swearing-in ceremony was performed as enjoying the cool breeze festival was called off this year.

The youth volunteer is Nishi Ward first approach which began in the fifth district and gathers applicants from elementary school student, student of the Hiranuma small, Okano medium grade and has you engage in administration of various local actions. We have you perform wheelchair experience or care plaza visit other than enjoying the cool breeze Festival and parent and child contact fair, place to stay of children and help of local event of free salon 5 and kitchen fifth class where it is to be carried out and deepen understanding about the welfare and have you work widely every year.
Bibb which had you wear during identification of appointment and activity than the fifth district Neighborhood Association combination fair, Chairperson Hirano was presented to volunteer elementary school student, student. Nine primary schoolchildren, youth volunteer of five junior high students were born this year.

In the fifth district, aim "that children carry role on in plan according to Nishi Ward welfare health planning "Komachi plan" district in area" is raised. It may be said that the youth volunteer is approach to practice the the most aim.
For new coronavirus infectious disease extended prevention, we may feel difficulty this year without going according to usual. Youth volunteers full of young power begins to knit unprecedented way in new viewpoint and thinks that he/she sends wind that local, is good in such a case. We are looking forward to the achievement of everybody in the fifth district.

September 23, 2020 Director General of Nishi Hiroshi Teraoka

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