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Communication to establish in this! (April 1, 2020 new system)

2020 began!

Last update date May 1, 2020

By new coronavirus infectious disease, it became the beginning in the very severe situation this year. In the inhabitants of a ward, we know with feeling big anxiety and inconvenience in everyday life.
In this year when we made the third year Director General, "town of smiling happiness living plan" (the third Nishi Ward community-based welfare health planning, nickname: Komachi plan) that is general plan of Nishi Ward invites the last year of Five-Year Plan. We will push forward total summary of current plan and next plan development with local all of you.
 Also, quickness that agreed with the situation acts for is correct, disseminating information and polite correspondence so that your anxiety softens about new coronavirus measures even a little to be able to prop up daily life. In the everyday life, big for all of you sequentially; I apologize for the inconvenience, but, for infectious disease extended prevention, I would like understanding and cooperation.
At ward office, we tell about the latest information of Yokohama-shi modifying coronavirus measures on Nishi Ward homepage. As you update at any time, please confirm Nishi Ward top page than "important news".
I would appreciate your consideration this year.


We deepen cooperation with Nishi fire department still more and will push forward safer reliable town development!

2020 Nishi Ward management responsibility job

(from the right)

Health and Welfare Center Supervising Director-General Taiji Oguro

Health and Welfare Center chogyoku﨑satori

Director General of Nishi Hiroshi Teraoka

Nishi fire department head Junichi Miyakawa

Vice-Director General Tatsuya Matsui

Paradise tree desk work director Yoshinobu Kawakita

April 10, 2020 Director General of Nishi Hiroshi Teraoka

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