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Baby classroom ※Wednesday, July 1, 2020 resumption

We make information exchange and learning, friends of child care.

Last update date July 3, 2020


For kaku ⼤ ⽌ of new coronavirus infectious disease-proof, we stopped until Tuesday, June 30, 2020, but will reopen from Wednesday, July 1.
About holding of July, there is change of some venues. For details, please confirm the following "date and time, venue".
In addition, depending on the future situation, we may change. We will place the latest information in this page.


Baby and protector of 0 years old child, pregnant woman (more than five months)

The date and time, venue

2020 ※We have change of some venues only in July

From once a month (there is the closed moon for each venue) 10:00 a.m. to 11:30
Please refer to the following for the details. (the date and guide map open when we click venue name)

About venue according to prediction areas
VenueThe locationPrediction areas

Chuo-toshokan (PDF: 396KB)
※We hold at "Noge mountain cottage" in July

1, Oimatsucho
※26-1, Oimatsucho (only in July)

Akamoncho, Higashigaoka, Kasumigaoka, Oimatsucho
1, Nishitobecho, 2, Miyazakicho, Momijigaoka
1, Tobecho, 2
Fujidana community care plaza (PDF: 404KB)2-198, FujidanachoKubocho, Higashikubo-cho, Motokubocho
Fujidanacho, Sakainotani
Tobe community house (PDF: 387KB)1-8, Goshoyamacho

It is 7. part Honcho from 3, Tobecho
It is 6 from Gosyoyama cho, 1, Isecho, 2, 1, Sakuragicho

Ohisama plaza (PDF: 358KB)Sengencho 5-375-1It is 5, Minamiasama-cho from Asamadai, Sengencho 3

Karuizawa community house (PDF: 375KB)
※We hold in "Karuizawa community hall" in July

24, Kitakaruizawa
※11-15, Kusucho (only in July)

Kitakaruizawa, Miyagaya
Hiranuma Akira Nishi Hall (PDF: 390KB)Hiranuma 1-35Hiranuma, Takashima, 7, Sakuragicho
Smile port (PDF: 393KB)3-3-1, Minato Mirai Mitsubishi Heavy Industries the third floor of Yokohama BuildingMinato Mirai
The west district center (PDF: 346KB)Okano 1-6-41

It is 2 from Kusunoki-cho, Minamikaruizawa, the north good luck, the south good luck, Okano, Nishihiranumacho, Sengencho 1

Nisimae Elementary School community house (PDF: 335KB)
※We hold in "Nishi Ward Office the second floor 2A meeting room" in July

Central 2-27-7
※Central 1-5-10 (only in July)

Center, Nishimaecho, Nishitobecho 3, Hamamatsucho, 3, Isecho

Belonging ※It varies according to venues partly. The details, please identify flyer.

Thing necessary for babies such as bath towel, diaper


Reservation is not necessary. Come to venue directly.

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