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We devise Komachi plan (Nishi Ward community-based welfare health planning) to the fourth

We devise with inhabitants of a ward in Nishi Ward, and there is "the town of smiling happiness living plan" (Nishi Ward community-based welfare health planning) pushing forward. During plan period of "the Komachi plan third plan" of the present, it is five years from 2016 and will push forward development of the fourth plan to begin from 2021 in future.

Last update date January 28, 2020

Inhabitant of a ward questionnaire

We carried out inhabitant of a ward questionnaire to grasp changes of consciousness of inhabitants of a ward, and to make use in Komachi plan to the fourth.

Investigation summary

* Subjects of survey: 3,000 man and woman random sampling of Nishi Ward residence 18 years or older
* Extracting method: We randomly select from Basic Resident Register
* Investigation period: From July 1, 2019 to July 31
* The number of the collections: 1,362 (45.5% of recoveries)

Questionnaire result

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