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List of evacuation shelter

Last update date September 18, 2020

Disaster prevention (list of evacuation shelter allocation districts) ※We move to base map when we click school name.

Tobe Elementary School (PDF: 5,979KB) 2-115, Isecho telephone 045-231-4515

Tobe-honcho, Gosyoyama cho, Tobecho 1-7 chome, Hanasaki-cho 4-7 chome, Sakuragicho 4-6 chome, 7, Sakuragicho (except 48), Momijigaoka, 1, Isecho, 2, Isecho, part of 3, Isecho, 2, Nishitobecho 117-169 (except 147-151), 1, Minato Mirai - 4, Miyazakicho

[applicable Neighborhood Association, Neighborhood Associations]

Sakuragicho Neighborhood Associations, the west Hanasaki-cho Neighborhood Association, Miyazakicho Shinwa-kai, Tobe 1.2.3 Neighborhood Associations, kobushikyo*kai, Tobe 5 chome Neighborhood Association, Tobe 6.7 Neighborhood Associations, Ishizaki Neighborhood Association, Tenjincho Neighborhood Associations, Japanese apricot with red blossoms two Neighborhood Associations, Kobaichou Neighborhood Association, Goshoyama town assembly, 1, Isecho Neighborhood Associations, 2, Isecho town assembly, Isecho 2.3 chome Shinwa-kai, Uehara in eastern administration fair, M.M.TOWERS Neighborhood Association, Yokohama Momijizaka residence Neighborhood Association, Minato Mirai mid square the tower residence Neighborhood Association

East Elementary School (PDF: 799KB) 59, Higashigaoka telephone 045-231-4846

Higashigaoka, 2, Akamoncho

[applicable Neighborhood Association, Neighborhood Associations]

Higashigaoka Neighborhood Associations, Neighborhood Associations in western Higashigaoka, 2, Akamoncho Neighborhood Association

Hiranuma Elementary School (PDF: 3,247KB) Hiranuma 2-11-36 telephone 045-322-1951

Hiranuma 1, Hiranuma 2, 7-48, Sakuragicho, Takashima 1, Takashima 2, 5, Minato Mirai - 6

[applicable Neighborhood Association, Neighborhood Associations]

Takashima Neighborhood Association, Hiranuma Hajime Nishi chome Neighborhood Association, Hiranuma Showa friendship society, Toichi Hiranuma chome Neighborhood Association, hirani Neighborhood Association, heinumahei*jichikai, Hisashi Hiranuma five record Neighborhood Association, Yokohama sky apartment house Neighborhood Association, park apartment house Yokohama Neighborhood Association, monte Velde Yokohama Neighborhood Association, yellowtail rear mirai community

Miyatani Elementary School (PDF: 2,176KB) 6-7, Miyagaya telephone 045-311-2468

Miyagaya, Minamikaruizawa (excluded partly), Kusunoki-cho, Sengencho 1, Asamadai (except 123.127-129)

[applicable Neighborhood Association, Neighborhood Associations]

Karuizawa Neighborhood Association, Asamadai Neighborhood Association, Sengencho one order eyes Neighborhood Associations, Mitsuzawa high town Neighborhood Association, Mitsuzawa park house Neighborhood Association

Ippommatsu Elementary School (PDF: 1,763KB) 1-115, Nishitobecho telephone 045-241-7034

1, Nishitobecho 56-116, Kasumigaoka, Sakainotani 1-53, 2-190-1, Nishitobecho part, 193-251

[applicable Neighborhood Association, Neighborhood Associations]

Neighborhood Association in western Hazawa, the west Tobe two orders eyes first Neighborhood Association, Kasumigaoka hill friend society, Neighborhood Association in eastern Sakainotani, Pare stage Yokohama Neighborhood Association

Nisimae Elementary School (PDF: 1,780KB) center 2-27-7 telephone 045-323-1801

Center 1, central 2, 2, Nishimaecho, 3, Nishimaecho, Hamamatsucho (excluded partly), 1, Fujidanacho 28-50, 3-308-1, Nishitobecho part, a part of 3, Isecho

[applicable Neighborhood Association, Neighborhood Associations]

iseichosanchomoku*kai, Ise four Neighborhood Association, the west cedar Neighborhood Associations, Ougida Sugiyama Neighborhood Association, central one order eyes Shinwa-kai, 4, Sugiyamacho Neighborhood Associations, three orders eyes Neighborhood Associations in front of the west, 4, Nishimaecho Neighborhood Association, the eastern part of Fujidana 1 Neighborhood Associations, Hamamatsucho Neighborhood Associations

Inaridai Elementary School (PDF: 3,220KB) 2-220, Fujidanacho telephone 045-231-1822

Kubocho, Motokubocho, Higashikubo-cho, part, 1, Fujidanacho (except 28-50) of Hamamatsucho, 2-198, Fujidanacho ..., 54, Sakainotani ...

[applicable Neighborhood Association, Neighborhood Associations]

1, Fujidanacho Neighborhood Association, Neighborhood Association in western 2, Fujidanacho, Motokubocho Neighborhood Association, best Shinwa-kai in Kubocho, Kubocho second Neighborhood Association, Kubocho third Neighborhood Association, Kubocho fourth Neighborhood Association, Kubocho fifth Neighborhood Associations, higashikyuhochohigashihokai, Higashikubocho Dongtai fair, higashikyuhochohigashi*kai, Neighborhood Associations in western Sakainotani, Neighborhood Association in eastern Hamamatsucho, Higashikubocho easterly wind fair

Sengendai Elementary School (PDF: 1,869KB) Sengencho 3-237 telephone 045-311-6648

Sengencho 2-5 chome, Minamiasama-cho, Asamadai 123.127-129

[applicable Neighborhood Association, Neighborhood Associations]

Sengencho 2 chome Neighborhood Association, Sengencho three orders eyes Neighborhood Association, *kanchoshichomokuhigashi*kai, four orders eyes Neighborhood Association in Sengencho, Sengencho five orders eyes Neighborhood Associations, Minamisengencho first Neighborhood Associations, Minamisengencho second Neighborhood Associations, Minamisengencho third Neighborhood Associations, Nishiyokohama high town Neighborhood Association

Oimatsu Junior High School (PDF: 1,221KB) 27, Oimatsucho telephone 045-241-5120

Oimatsucho, 1, Nishitobecho 1-55

[applicable Neighborhood Association, Neighborhood Associations]

Oimatu Neighborhood Associations, Neighborhood Association in eastern Hazawa, Mt. atlas Noge Neighborhood Association

Okano Junior High School (PDF: 4,106KB) Okano 2-14-1 telephone 045-311-3210

Nishihiranumacho 1-8, Okano 1, Okano 2, the south Koichi chome, the south Koji chome, Koichi Kita chome, Koji Kita chome

[applicable Neighborhood Association, Neighborhood Associations]

Nishihiranumacho Miyamoto society, Nishihiranumacho second Neighborhood Association, the Takeshi Okano sum society, Okano two orders eyes Neighborhood Associations, Okano mutual aid society, the south good luck Neighborhood Association, the north good luck Neighborhood Association, Yokohama tower ring square Neighborhood Association, the Clio Yokohama West Exit second building Neighborhood Association

Nisi Junior High School (PDF: 1,315KB) 3-286, Nishitobecho telephone 045-231-0153

3, Nishitobecho (except 308 parts), part of 3, Isecho, 2-144-1, Nishitobecho part, 147-151.170 - 192 (except 190 parts), 2, Fujidanacho (except 198 ...)

[applicable Neighborhood Association, Neighborhood Associations]

3, Nishitobecho Neighborhood Association, Neighborhood Association in eastern 2, Fujidanacho, Fujidana apartment Neighborhood Association under prefectural management, the west Tobe two orders eyes fourth Neighborhood Associations

Karuizawa Junior High School (PDF: 715KB) 24, Kitakaruizawa telephone 045-311-2523

Kitakaruizawa, a part of Minamikaruizawa

[applicable Neighborhood Association, Neighborhood Associations]

Kitakaruizawa middle western district Neighborhood Association, Mitsubishi Kitakaruizawa Neighborhood Association, Kitakaruizawa we get along with each other meeting, mutual meetings in eastern Kitakaruizawa, Lions apartment Mitsuzawa Park Neighborhood Association, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Kitakaruizawa company house Neighborhood Association, master Hills Yokohama Neighborhood Association

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