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Disaster prevention

Last update date March 27, 2019


Disaster prevention

The everyday preparation

Evacuation sites

Various maps

Information for all cities

Nishi Ward disaster preparedness plan

Maintenance assistance such as Nishi Ward initial-stage fire-fighting techniques. appliances

Maintenance assistance such as initial-stage fire-fighting techniques. appliances
※It is supporting business about update of the contents of initial-stage fire-fighting techniques. box in area.

Disaster prevention notebook (March, 2019) for what-if

We made to be a chance to comprise "disaster prevention notebook for what-if" for thought, disaster about disaster prevention to birth of child at home. We distribute in conjunction with mother and child health handbook to be able to hand to expectant mothers and child care generation surely. In addition, we distribute in community care plaza and child care related facility and inflect in classes where protector participates in and will enlighten positively.
Disaster prevention notebook (the body) for what-if (PDF: 8,707KB)
Press release document (March 22, 2019) (PDF: 409KB)
※When disaster prevention notebook for what-if makes setting of pamphlet (duplex printing), we can print in booklet form.

Disaster prevention guide (January, 2018) for small, junior high students

To have you deepen understanding about action that oneself can do when big earthquake was generated and the preparation from day to earthquake disaster,
We made disaster prevention guide for small, junior high students.
When big earthquake got up in thing - Yokohama that disaster prevention guide we, we for small, junior high students could do; ... (PDF: 8,692KB)

2018 evacuation shelter disaster drill

Evacuation shelter training of 2018 was finished on Sunday on Sunday and 9th on Saturday, September 1, 2nd.
Thank you for participation all of you who had you cooperate.

Weather information

Public utilities

Water supply

Other public utilities


Earthquake disaster related information

Group, facility

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