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Statistics investigation

Last update date May 30, 2020


<the end of the offer> "national census 2020" statistics investigator (Naka Ward)

Recruitment of investigators

National census is carried out simultaneously nationwide as investigation date on October 1, 2020.
National census is largest-scale and important statistics investigation of country performed among all people living in the country and household based on statistical law.

It is performed from the first investigation of 1920 every five years and meets turning point of conduct 100 years at this time.
On investigation conduct, it recruits statistics investigators engaging in investigation.

All people and national census targeted household to live in Japan are national big projects,
Investigator takes big role to control success of project.
For the future of this country, please lend your power.

With national census

By statistics investigation which are the most basic, and are important of country performed every five years, we invite turning point in the conduct 100th year in 2020.
Subjects of survey are all people (except diplomats) staying habitually in the country.

Because country and local public entity perform fair administrative administration, statistics to be able to get from national census are used and,
We are used as basic data which we cannot lack in in making other various public statistics.
In addition, we can put in utilization and academia to perform demand prediction or management in company and various groups
We are utilized widely in various fields including utilization for study.

Social position of statistics investigator

Statistics investigator is general office work government official of part-time service that the Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications appoints.
When we look good with accidents by any chance, during research activity, it is compensated as government affairs disaster.
※Appointment period: Two months (plan) of from August 27 to October 26

About offer

Offer essential point


  1. Person who can accomplish investigator desk work with responsibility
  2. As a general rule, people 20 years or older
  3. Person who has you keep secret
  4. Person who has nothing to do with election, the police directly
  5. Person who does not have relations that are close to person who is not gangster and gang or gangster

Desk work

Main desk work of investigator is as follows.
<around the end of August> attendance (explanation of work contents) to investigator desk work briefing session
<from September to the beginning of October> take charge, and visit household in investigation area and reply and is asked distribution of investigation documents
<around the beginning of October> collection (only in the household which hoped for submission to investigator) of questionnaire
<around the middle of October> submit investigation dossiers to ward office, demand to non-submission household


Reward of investigator fluctuates by the number of the households.
1 investigation ward charge (about 50 households): Around 42,000 yen
2 investigation ward charge (about 100 households): Around 75,000 yen
In addition, this amount of money, please note that there are some before and after in the case of real payment with planned thing.


※Acceptance was finished.


Naka Ward Office General Affairs Division Statistics and Elections Section (the sixth floor of the ward office 62nd window)
[Address] 〒 231-0021 35, Nihonodori, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi
[TEL] 045-224-8116
[FAX] 045-224-8109

Time limit

※Acceptance was finished.
OthersPlease note that you may not be adopted by the situation of application.

[reference] Experiences (Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Statistics Bureau HP) of investigator (the outside site)

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Various statistics investigation

General Affairs Division Statistics and Elections Section (the 62nd)
Item nameDepartment in chargeWindow
Various statistics investigationGeneral Affairs DivisionStatistics and Elections Section (the 62nd)

◆You talk, and please be careful about investigations◆

We are going to get information of household and office by visit, telephone, E-mail, and "we talk, and, with statistics investigation of the government (national censuses), investigation" occurs in the whole country.
Statistics investigator to visit carries "identification of investigator". In addition, we may not get investigation contents on the telephone suddenly.
When it seems questioningly, please contact Naka Ward Office General Affairs Division Statistics and Elections Section (045-224-8116 - 9).
※Masquerading as national census "talk, and please be careful about investigation" (suspicious telephone and visit)

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Naka Ward General Affairs Department General Affairs Division Statistics and Elections Section

Telephone: 045-224-8116

Telephone: 045-224-8116

Fax: 045-224-8109

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