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Nihon Odori Avenue event conduct guide with road private use

Last update date April 20, 2020

About use of event of Nihon Odori Avenue

Nihon Odori Avenue is first Japanese Western expression street which secured width about 36m, extensive walker space of about 430m in length.
Roadside is lined with landmark architecture and ginkgo rows of trees such as Kanagawa prefectural government office or Yokohama Archives of History and makes superior scenery representing Yokohama.
In late years various events are held through the year.
Event more than 100,000 is carried out, too, and visitors show high potential of Nihon Odori Avenue.
Please examine event that you made use of scenery or convenience of Nihon Odori Avenue in.

The use situation (2020 version) of Nihon Odori Avenue

Event that holding is examined, please confirm schedule with this calendar.
On event conduct examination, please refer to Naka Ward Ward Administration Promotion Division.

※Use of Nihon Odori Avenue plan (during adjustment) of 2020

Nihon Odori Avenue event conduct guide (the agreement formation in area) with road private use

For "the agreement formation with area" demanded in event holding in Nihon Odori Avenue, we gathered up necessary/required procedures. After careful reading, I would like plan, conduct of event by all means. (November 1, 2019)


About authorization procedures

In event holding, there are necessary authorization application procedures other than the agreement formation in area.

Reference (past Nihon Odori Avenue event conduct guide)

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