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Public information Yokohama, naka kuban 2020

Last update date September 1, 2020

About cancellation, postponement such as public information Yokohama, naka kubankeisai event

About events published in public information Yokohama, naka kuban, it may become cancellation, postponement in consideration of health hazards of participant due to new coronavirus infectious disease (COVID-19). When you participate in event, please confirm the held situation beforehand at references with mention in the space.

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September, 2020 issue

Special feature 1: Mall of my town
We want to tell because it is ... now. Thought of mall

Special feature 2: Did you receive cancer screening yet?
We will lose about 36,000 yen when we do not go for ... cancer screening!

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August, 2020 issue

Special feature: Is dementia special?
Can live in area that lived so long even if we suffer from ... dementia

July, 2020 issue

Special feature: To heavy rain and typhoon face each other;

June, 2020 issue

Special feature: 2020 Naka Ward administration policy

May, 2020 issue

Special feature 1 knows; is appropriate breeding of cat
Has special feature 2 thought about anti-disaster measures of pet?
Promenade of naka kurekishi: War and the city hall

About mention error of May, 2020 issue

Name of a street notation of 8.9 pages of standing matter "Naka Ward evacuation shelter maps" had error. We correct and apologize.

  • There is notation called "Nishimachi", but Naka Ward does not have name of a street called "Nishimachi".
  • There is notation called "hommakisankoredai", but right notation is "Honmokusannotani".
  • About notation of "ka" of "Midorigaoka, Honmoku", right notation is big "ke" not small "ka".
  • Among "lists of Naka Ward evacuation shelter", district name of a street targeted for evacuation of "Honcho Elementary School" had leak. District names of a street targeted for right evacuation are as follows. "Authority of 3, authority of shore, Miyagawacho, Motohamacho, port town, 3, Sumiyoshicho, Tokiwa-cho, new port one order eyes, newly port 2, Managomachi, Aioicho, Odamachi, Uchidacho, authority of south relation from 1, Sakuragicho, Onoecho, authority of wife of chief zen-priest, north relation, Nogecho, Honcho, Japan Odori, Yokohama Park from 1, Akamoncho, Hanabusacho, Hatsunecho, Koganecho, Hinodecho, 1, Hanasakicho"

April, 2020 issue

Special feature: Community development of people, working people living in "area" to make together Naka Ward
The administration of a ward topics: Let's join Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations
Promenade of naka kurekishi: The fourth generation city hall where earthquake disaster revival was pushed forward

March, 2020 issue

Special feature: It seems to be oneself in town Naka Ward of all Yokohama Naka Ward person "multicultural symbiosis"
The administration of a ward topics: So that how to walk elderly person following command does not encounter traffic accident
Promenade of naka kurekishi: The Great Kanto Earthquake and Yokohama-shi government building

February, 2020 issue

Special feature: Do you not walk Noge of the Noge walk day?
The administration of a ward topics: You must not hand bank card!
Promenade of naka kurekishi: The second generation Yokohama-shi government building

About cancellation, postponement of event

January, 2020 issue

Special feature: Age that 2020 is hot begins.
Promenade of naka kurekishi: The first Yokohama-shi government building

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