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About bedbug

Last update date February 21, 2019



Imago of bedbug

・Size of imago is 5-8mm
・Color of imago is dark reddish-brown
・We are active and make sucking blood by night
・It gives oily special odor
・We love to lie hidden in small gap
・We avoid strong light
・Around place lying hidden in, there is trace of blackish feces (blood feces)

We are lying hidden well

・Gap and mattress of the bed body
・Gap of wall and pillar
・Gap of tatami mat
・Gap where wall paper comes off
・The back of curtain
・Gap and drawer in furniture

The prevention, measures

・We do not bring in bedbug from other places
・The extermination (organic phosphorus system, carbamate system) by insecticide
・We ask specialized exterminator

About part of bedbug extermination expense assistance system


Application of part of bedbug extermination expense assistance of 2018 finished acceptance.
Outbreak of bedbug, the number of damage are increasing in the Naka Ward now.
Therefore we established system to assist a part of expense to hang over the bedbug extermination of facilities such as hospital, simple accommodations originally in Naka Ward. As there is condition to receive subsidy, please refer to middle Health and Welfare Center Health Sanitation Division Environmental Sanitation Section for the details.

System flyer

Offer period

From May 15, 2018 to February 28, 2019
※Purchase after the conduct of the extermination by the extermination company trust or oneself drug; is line by the extermination
tta case is applied for within 30 days after the purchase of drug

The remainder assistance frame

Acceptance of 2018 was finished.

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