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Support to single-parent home

Last update date March 6, 2019

As system to support protector with income and child who does not live by divorce, the death of protector, there is Child Raising Allowance.
We plan stability of life such as single-female-parent households, and Child Raising Allowance is founded for the purpose of promoting independence.
Child Raising Allowance is paid until first March after child became 18 years old (when we have disabilities medium degree or more to under 20 years old). But, as for the receipt such as limit or pension of income, it may not be received treatment.
In addition, of the single-parent home medical expenses furtherance, the mother and the child widow welfare fund loan, and there is support such as entrance to providing equipment the mother and the child life support.
For more details, please see bookmark of the following single-parent family.

Bookmark of single-parent home

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