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News from middle Health and Welfare Center

Last update date August 17, 2020

We place information about Vaccinations and various services such as Health Checkups carrying out in middle Health and Welfare Center.
Please contact us for your inquiries to counter in charge of each page mention.

2020 version (from April, 2020 to March, 2021)

Correction of mention contents

Venue and conduct day of 2 pages "baby class"

As baby class "cradle" changed venue and conduct day for prevention of infection spread of new coronavirus infectious disease, please be careful.
In addition, we carry out with two part system of every age of the month of child to avoid "crowd" for the time being about all baby classes.
For details, please confirm this web page.

Table of contents
Contact informationWe are close during window guidance, Naka Ward community-based welfare health planning! Please consult with, "Yokohama child care partner"1
Child and homeIf if become pregnant, baby is born, Child Raising Allowance, Child Allowance, consultation of Vaccinations, child and woman of child, outing spot of the Naka Wards, specialty consultation of young man holding difficulties such as stop-at-home after school of primary schoolchild about nursery schools2-4
Inspection, medical examination, health promotionExamination of AIDS, consultation, examination for hepatitis virus, tuberculosis health check-up, periodontal disease health check-up, health consultation, cancer screening, cancer screening conduct medical institution list (Naka Ward), medical examination system of Yokohama-shi National Health Insurance member, Yokohama-shi Health Checkups, various medical care benefits, subsidy programs4-6
Elderly person and person with a disabilityAbout medical system for elder senior citizens, nursing-care insurance system support to elderly person, dementia and support to family, Naka Ward home medical care counselor's office, Vaccinations of adult, visit dental practice, support to impaired, Naka Ward person with a disability support base "overlook ponte"6-7
Life hygieneFood hygiene person in charge class, registration and rabies vaccination of house dog, window (licenses) about medical care7
OthersWe are close among introduction of Local Elderly Care Management Center (community care plaza), community care plazas (Local Elderly Care Management Center)! Duties that we watch and handle other than support (life support consultation counter), the Health and Welfare Center to key ring registration having a problem for life such as emergency clinics on guidance, Naka Ward welfare health practice base (nakafuku), the night, holiday8

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