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The young people instructor

Last update date November 8, 2018

It is ... with the young people instructor

It is wish of the whole society as well as parent that the young people carrying the next generation pray to be brought up at ease in good health.
To that end, school, home, community and administration are united, and it is necessary to make up better local environment for the young people.
The young people instructor takes role to promote activity with cooperation with the person concerned and related organizations, group proactively to make up such area environment.

We call the young people instructor "blue finger" (win) for short.

Activity contents

Three pillars of activity

*Healthy upbringing
Activities such as activity support that different generation interchange and the young people were made up mainly of
*Environmental restoration
Activity to keep from harmful environment including social environmental fact-finding, patrol
Workshops to deepen young understanding

Activity in each district

In 12 districts (the alliance Neighborhood Associations), it moves into action with sports promotion committee member.

The district nameThe number of peopleThe district nameThe number of peopleThe district name The number of people
The first northern part district10Uchikoshi, Ishikawa district6The northern part of fourth district7
The first district central part20The second district4Honmoku, Negishi district14
Kannai-District4The third district13The sixth district9
*jijiku6The southern part of fourth district10New Honmoku district5

・Regular assembly (once a month)
・Refreshing athletic meet
・Athletic meet
・Walk rally meeting
・Summer festivals

Activity in the whole Naka Ward

Healthy upbringing

●Branch to Yamashita society "child Festa"
It is event to have you do experience of the making of thinnings key ring to have children make pleasant memory of summer vacation. [sponsorship: Yamashita fair]

(state of 2017)

●Branch to hello Yokohama (middle inhabitant of a ward Festival)
As part of all city united actions campaign, we emphasized young people healthy upbringing. In addition, we established making section of "key ring to make with thinnings".

<< state of hello Yokohama 2017 >>

●nakaku child Festival

We hold every year in the circumference that elementary school in Naka Ward pays. We deepen children and interchange through various play under the theme of play in work, experience, the old days.
Other than elementary school student of elementary school of venue, we have elementary school student of elementary school of neighborhood, children of nursery school and the protector arrive.

(state of 2017)

Environmental restoration
We prevent and move into action delinquency including investigation into harmful books and night patrol

We plan the training for the purpose of improvement in nature of the young people instructor

Role of the young people instructor

(1)Young instruction and upbringing of group 
(2)Promotion of local action to affect young upbringing
(3)We work on maintenance of level environment and cooperation to facility
(4)We work on consultation and protection about the young people
(5)Instruction upbringing of working youth and increase of the welfare


There are not regulations in particular, but have passion toward volunteer activity, for young instruction people with experience understanding and people with love are expected from the young people.


Term is two years.
(the 26th term: for from April 1, 2018 to March 31, 2020)
108 people are working now.
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