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Naka Ward Granma nursery school

Last update date March 7, 2019

What is Granma nursery school business?

Local parent and child play casually and carry out business to talk, and to be possible in nursery school.
You can spend time in peace like the parents' house and can use as place to be able to rely on.
Service and the conduct date and time carrying out vary according to nursery schools.
Granma is abbreviation of grand mother (grandmother).

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Conduct menu varies according to gardens.
The details, please identify list of Granma nursery school conduct garden (PDF: 328KB).

Each menu of Granma nursery school

Picture book rental

Free of charge, no appointment necessary.
We can borrow various picture books in nursery school.
Number of books and rental period vary according to gardens.

Child-care consultation service

It requires reservation depending on free of charge, garden.
"Calling out to child how"
"Little child is born and does not know how to contact big children"
Please feel free to contact in nado, slight uneasiness of child care or curious thing.

Garden (facility) opening

Free of charge, no appointment necessary.
Facility of nursery school is available.
Can you play with other children?

Temporary childcare

Pay, reservation required.
We can leave child temporarily.
As reason to use does not matter, let alone cases such as going to hospital, we perform to hair salon, and the use to go out is possible.
Time or rate to leave vary according to gardens.

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